Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 2 Episode 6 – Nominations & PoV

In our Big Brother 14 recap tonight, we’ll finally get to watch Head of Household Frank Eudy pick out his nominations for the next Big Brother 2012 eviction and discover who won the Power of Veto this week.

If Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz had not been expelled from the house, there would be little doubt he would be going up on the block tonight and would probably be the primary target for eviction this week. Since Willie Hantz self-evicted by being violent, however, Frank is left to decide who to put up in his place.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers for week 2, episode 6 about nominations and Power of Veto. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Those who have been watching the Big Brother live feeds already know all the Big Brother 14 spoilers about tonight’s nominations and Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony results, but it’s always interesting to see what CBS chooses to air about the scheming and plotting that happened behind the scenes.

With alliances still forming and dissolving faster than you can blink, and deals being made left and right all over the Big Brother 14 house, there is always room for a surprise when it comes time for nominations. Even when you think you know exactly how it is going to go down, sometimes the Big Brother 14 houseguests still surprise you.

Plus, we already know the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony are going to stir up some interesting ripples in the Big Brother 14 pond this week. So hold on to your hats as we launch into our Big Brother 14 recap for week 2, episode 6!

Big Brother 14 kicks off tonight with a look back at the last episode. Big Brother 2012 cast houseguest Willie Hantz managed to get himself thrown out of the competition after goting ape-s**t n the house, which left Head of Household Frank Eudy pondering who he should put up for eviction instead of Willie.

Shane Meaney and JoJo Spatafora, who were Willie Hantz’s teammates under veteran Britney Haynes, know they are the most likely targets for the block this week now that Willie is gone.

Frank’s coach, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin floated the idea of putting up someone as a pawn so they could backdoor Shane at the eviction. Team coach Janelle Pierzina, however, wasn’t into the idea as she does not trust Boogie. Frank thinks about the idea.

JoJo decides to beg Frank not to put her up, but Frank tells her she had her chance to switch sides by not voting against him in the previous elimination — and she didn’t take it. JoJo wants Frank to believe she is worth a second chance and she can be loyal to a deal if he’ll make one with her.

Time for the eviction nominee ceremony and there is no shocker tonight as Frank nominates JoJo and Shane. Not only were they aligned with Willie Hantz, but Frank recognizes Shane as one of his strongest potential adversaries in the house — although this is discussed far more in the Big Brother live feeds than on the CBS show.

Eviction Nominees:

  • Shane Meaney
  • JoJo Spatafora

JoJo and Shane are pissed because the other houseguests are acting cold toward them and didn’t even give them hugs after they were nominated. Their team coach, Britney, tells them to keep it chill and act like nothing is wrong. Britney feels guilty that both her players have been nominated because she made such a bad choice in making Willie Hantz Head of Household.

Mike Boogie puts out the idea of putting up Danielle as the alternate if either JoJo or Shane win the Power of Veto.

Now it’s time for the Power of Veto Competition players to be chosen. Frank will play as Head of Household, along with Shane and JoJo as the eviction nominees. The randomly picked players for the game this time will are: Frank picks Ian Terry. Shane picks Ashley Iocco. JoJo picks Wil Heuser. Veteran coach Dan Gheesling and his only remaining team player, Danielle Murphree, are upset she was not chosen. Chef Joe Arvin is named as the host.

Power of Veto Competition Players:

  • Frank Eudy
  • Ian Terry
  • Shane Meaney
  • Ashley Icco
  • JoJo Spatafora
  • Wil Heuser

In the Power of Veto Competition, the players are  dressed up like giant nacho chips and have to wade into bowls of gross gooey stuff to pull out ‘food’ items to make a menu with. Not only is it physically challenging to wade around in goo in the suits, but they have to remember what’s on their menus and where to put the items.

The game is a close one and Wil, Frank, Ian, JoJo, and Shane all get all their items correctly. However, since Shane is the first to finish (barely over Ian), Shane wins the Power of Veto. Ian finishes second, followed by JoJo in third, Frank in fourth, Wil in fifth and Ashley last.

Team coach Britney is overjoyed that her hot boy Shane has won the Power of Veto, which obviously means he’ll be taking himself off the eviction block.

Frank is worried now that he’s made an enemy out of Shane and this could prove to be a bad thing for his game. He now wonders if he should have gone with backdooring Shane later. Mike Boogie, meanwhile, immediately starts working Shane to try to bring him over to the dark side… I mean, his side. Frank, Boogie and Shane make a tentative alliance.

Britney and JoJo want to know what Frank said to Shane, but Shane just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal. (If you’ve been watching the Big Brother live feeds, you know this thing between Frank and Shane becomes quite the huge deal actually.)

Danielle, Dan’s last remaining team player, is freaked out now that she is going to get nominated. Dan tries to get Danielle to stand up for herself by being tough with her, but Danielle just crumbles and starts crying.

Shane decides he thinks it would be an excellent idea to backdoor Wil. He thinks he is brilliant and tells JoJo, who also thinks it is a great idea. That they both agree it is a good idea automatically should say this is a terrible idea.

The next day, Shane tells Frank about his idea of putting up Wil and having both Danielle and JoJo work for them by guaranteeing them safety if they can get Wil evicted. He thinks they should go after Janelle’s team.

When time comes for the Veto Ceremony, Shane takes himself off the block as expected. Shane was unable, however, to convince Frank to change his mind about the replacement nominee and Frank puts up Danielle. Now it is Danielle versus JoJo for who will go home in the Big Brother 14 live eviction Thursday night.

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