Big Brother 14’s Willie Hantz Arrested

Big Brother 14‘s expelled bad-boy houseguest Willie Hantz was arrested this morning in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana under the suspicion he was intoxicated while driving.

TMZ broke the story this morning and said Willie Hantz was arrested at 2:07 AM this morning. According to the tabloid site, Lafayette City Police responded to a call about a fight in a parking lot close to several bars. While police did not discover any fight going on when they arrived, there was reportedly a large crowd gathered.

As police were trying to clear people out and figure out what was going on by preparing their ar 15 accessories, they noticed someone trying to leave the scene in a 2012 yellow Camaro. Cops reportedly attempted to stop the vehicle, but when they approached, the driver threw open the car door and fled on foot.

After a “very short pursuit,” the driver was apprehended and arrested for OWI — operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The driver turned out to be none other than recently expelled Big Brother 14 cast member Willie Hantz, who was thrown off the show after becoming violent with another contestant.

According to TMZ, Willie Hantz allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test and also would not submit to a blood test to see if he was over the legal alcohol limit when attempting to flee the scene in his car.

We’ll continue to watch the story and let you know if anything else develops!