Big Brother 14 Live Eviction Recap: Week One Results!

The first Big Brother 14 live eviction is here and despite all the Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the live feeds the past few days, it’s still a big question mark who will be going home this week. So many deals have been made, and so many votes have switched back and forth, that the Big Brother 14 predictions for tonight’s elimination are all over the place.

Up on the block facing their fate in the Big Brother 14 eviction results this week are Frank Eudy and Kara Monaco. Frank is feared as a potentially powerhouse player in the game with his strong athleticism, his strong game play so far, and his alliance with his coach, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin.

Kara, on the other hand, is most a victim of circumstance as she was primarily targeted to weaken her Big Brother 14 cast coach, Dan Gheesling. Dan only has two players left at this point because his third player, Jodi Rollins, was sent home on premiere night.

All week long it’s been a huge struggle in the Big Brother 14 house as both team coaches and newbie Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests try to form the pacts and alliances that will carry them through to the finale. The paranoia has been fierce, the deal-making endless and the vote switching dizzying!

So who will go home in the Big Brother 14 eviction results tonight? Let’s move right along to our Big Brother 14 live recap of the show and find out!

Opening the show tonight, host Julie Chen reminds us that the veteran coaches may be in control of the game, but it is the newbie players who possess the real power in the Big Brother 14 house.

Power of Veto holder Shane Meaney hopes his choice to keep Willie Hantz‘ eviction nominees, Frank Eudy and Kara Monaco, on the block will solidify his position as an ally.

Frank thinks Willie is the linchpin to him not being evicted this week. Willie promises Frank if he keeps his mouth shut, he’ll make sure he stays in the house. Frank says if Willie makes it happen so that he is not evicted, it will prove Willie is trustworthy to work with.

Willie works the tentative alliance between his team, under Britney Haynes, and Janelle Pierzina‘s team to make sure they are on board to vote against Kara. Willie says Kara is dangerous because she does what her coach, Dan Gheesling, tells her to do and she will put them up next week if he says to.

Janelle is starting to be concerned, though, that if Kara is sent home, Dan will come after her. Janelle decides she needs to get with Dan. She spills the beans to Dan about everyone planning to vote out Kara, which she now thinks is a stupid move because she thinks Frank is too strong of a player and she hates his coach, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin.

Britney spots Janelle and Dan chatting and whispering and immediately become suspicious.

Britney hunkers down for more talk with her Head of Household Willie and tells him that she thinks the coaches will eventually be put into the regular game to battle it out with the new players. She thinks there are two extra weeks in the season, and so this will probably mean the coaches will come into the regular game. She thinks they might be told at tonight’s eviction.

Willie decides he needs to have a house meeting without the coaches involved. Britney is now totally nutsy thinking Willie is going to spill to everyone her theory that the coaches will be coming back into the game.

Willie tells the other newbies that he thinks the coaches are all using the new houseguests against each other and basically that they should all revolt and start playing for themselves.

Dan, Britney and Janelle are gathered downstairs and they are concerned where Mike Boogie might be and what he is doing. Boogie, totally unconcerned, is sleeping.

As Britney feared, Willie now tells the other newbie houseguests about the theory that the coaches may be put into the regular game at some point to compete against all of them.

Frank is worried that the meeting may have screwed with his chances to keep safe from eviction and goes to talk to Willie. Britney also wants to have a chat with her protege. Everyone is paranoid big time!

Later, Chef Joe Arvin tells Frank that Willie wants to make the vote a tie so he can be the tie-breaker. Frank then tells Joe that Willie was making fun of Wil Heuser earlier and makes it out like he was demeaning him for being gay. Joe is pissed and, of course, runs right off to Wil to tell him. (On reviewing the Big Brother live feeds, this whole Willie making fun of Wil thing is SO overblown. Willie does mock Wil for saying something silly, but does not slur or insult him for being gay.)

Wil is totally upset and he wants to get even with Willie for making fun of him. The sh*t is about to hit the fan for Willie, and all over a rather innocous bit of stupidity on his part.

Britney goes up to the HoH room to tell Willie he is totally screwed, screwed, screwed and that Frank is lining up the whole house against him with this whole mocking Wil thing. Willie is furious! He storms off to confront Frank, resulting in a huge, awesome, nasty language filled fight between the two of them that CBS can’t even do a tiny big of justice to. Oh, and Boogie chimes in too, calling Willie a bully. (Read up all about the fight in detail here.)

We skip forward now to eviction time and host Julie Chen greets the houseguests before the vote. Julie asks JoJo Spatafora what the mood in the house is and she says it is “a little weird, a little tension.” Wil has to describe the past 18 days in the Big Brother 14 house with one word and he just says, “Oh, Goodness.” Ashley Iocco says: “Loosey Gooosey.” When asked about his reign as Head of Household, Willie Hantz says: “Pressure.”

The two nominees for eviction give one last try at convincing the voters to keep them safe before the houseguests head off to vote. And the results are:

Big Brother 14 Live Eviction Vote — Votes to Evict:

Danielle: evict Frank
Shane: evict Frank
Joe: evict Kara
Ian: evict Kara
JoJo: evict Frank
Jenn: evict Kara
Wil: evict Kara
Ashley: evict Kara

Evicted: Kara Monaco!

Head of Household Competition:

This week’s competition is a brain memory game called ‘Big Brother Break-In’.

Round 1: Everyone is right.
Round 2: Shane is wrong.
Round 3: Only Wil and Frank are right.
Round 4: Wil and Frank both wrong.
Round 5: Wil and Frank both right.
Round 6: Wil is wrong. Frank wins!

Week 2 Head of Household: Frank Eudy

Frank Eudy is the new Head of Household and wow is this week going to be something crazy on the Big Brother live feeds with Frank taking over HoH after the week he’s had!

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