Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Willie Hantz Fight and Mass Insanity!

Before we get to our usual recap of yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds, we can’t wait another minute to call out the absolute insanity that went down in the Big Brother 14 house last night. Be prepared for some major Big Brother 14 spoilers ahead as the houseguests go absolutely nuts!

I was running to catch up on all the crazy that went down in the Big Brother 14 house last night after being down with a cold yesterday. I was just stunned to Flashback through all backstabbing and betrayals that broke out with the Big Brother 2012 cast on Tuesday.

Let’s skip through most of that right now (we’ll do a full recap in a bit) and get to the juiciest part of the day… the Willie Hantz vs. Frank Eudy fight!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

It seemed like a brilliant idea. Britney Haynes put up Willie Hantz as the first Head of Household because it was obvious he already had a target on his back, partially because half the house suspected he was the brother of Survivor villain Russell Hantz from the start. She needed to keep her player safe so he could make some deals and find some allies.

Then it seemed like an even better idea for Britney to team up with Janelle Pierzina and form a super-alliance between their two teams to keep all of them safe and only target people on the teams of opposing veterans Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and Dan Gheesling. What a powerhouse alliance that could be, right? Since Dan was already down one player, the girls had a major advantage if they could keep all their newbie players on the leash.

Unfortunately, it turned out Willie Hantz was not about to play anyone’s game but his own. That is when the shit started seriously hitting the fan.

Willie decided he wanted to try to forge an alliance with Frank, who was on Boogie’s team. When the girls started pushing him to put Frank on the block, he started to rebel. When he did put Frank and Kara Monaco on the block, he started pushing to get Kara out instead of Frank.

This chain of events, and Willie’s back-handed attempt to forget personal alliances outside of the team alliance, started a roller coaster ride of crazy through the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests the past few days. One minute it was Kara who was going to be evicted, the next minute it was Frank going home.

Everyone began to be massively paranoid and the tentative alliance between Team Britney and Team Janelle began falling apart. The side deals Willie made with Frank and other Big Brother 2012 cast hosueguests also went sideways as Willie started screwing with everyone in the house, trying to manipulate votes, and it started getting out what he was doing. Willie went from being the big dog in charge to being the guy everyone started to hate.

Flash forward to last night just before 9:45 PM BBT. Ashley Iocco tells Willie that people are upset because Willie was making fun of Wil Heuser for being gay.* (I have to interject here that using the “N” word is not a good idea when you are trying to defend yourself against using slurs against other people.)

(* Willie did mock Wil by repeating something he said about taking 24 hours off playing the game in a high-pitched voice, I think it was more of a mockery of Wil, not of Wil being gay.)

Willie explodes all over the place, yelling “Who the f**k said that! Who said that?” Ashley tells him it was Frank (his former ally) and that Britney has been downstairs talking to Frank about it for 10 minutes or so. Britney then enters the Head of Household room where Ashley and Willie are talking. There is a ton of talk about who has been saying what about what Willie has said. (Yes, that is as confusing as it sounds.)

Britney tells Willie that he is screwed, screwed, screwed and the whole house is against him. Willie yells that he never mocked Wil like that and calls Frank a “motherf**ker.” He tries to stomp out to confront Frank, but Britney physically grabs him and stops him.

Britney demonstrates the whole high-pitched voice thing Willie allegedly did to mock Wil and Willie yells that he “never f**king done that!” Ashley says the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests are ridiculous for turning something like that into saying Willie called Wil a homo and was making slurs against him. They go over and over the whole thing for a while, and then eventually…

The fight!

If you have the Big Brother live feeds, I urge you to just go hit Flashback right now and watch all the action as it happens. We’re talking a huge blowout here! If you don’t have the live feeds yet, well, now would be an excellent time to get on board so you can watch all this crazy going down in the Big Brother 14 house right now!

Here’s an approximate blow-by-blow dialogue from the Willie Hantz fight (approximate being the word). Pretty much all the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are present for the smack down.

Frank: What’s up brother?
Willie: Man I’ve been trying to save you all week.
Frank: Is that right?
Willie: I’ve been trying to save you all week in this house, Don’t f**k with me right now brother
Frank: Well I’m just trying to have a real talk with you man. There’s no reason to raise your voice.
Willie: I’ve been trying to save you and here you come slinging my name in the dirt and you made me look like I’m a fucking idiot.
Frank: You gonna chop my head off next week too Willie???
Willie: I wasn’t gonna chop your head off next week! I told you, I said we will work from week to week! And then you’re gonna come throw me in the dirt??!
Frank: Willie…listen.
Willie: I’ve been f**kin’ everything for you!
Frank: Did you not try to get some of Janelle’s players to vote against me so that I would go after them next week?
Willie: This is motherf**kin’…motherf**kin’ bulls**t!
Willie: I told you I had this week! I was begging every godd**n body in this house to keep you! And then you’re gonna go sling my name in the dirt??!  I might go home (because of this) but people will know who the f**k you are!

Frank: I’m a straight talkin’ motherf**er, Willie. I ain’t lied about nothin’. But have you not lied to me?
Willie: When did I lie to you? I’ve been tryin’ to SAVE YOUR A**!!!
Willie: Britney, have I not been tryin’ to save his a** this whole week?!
Britney: Yeah.
Frank: But were you not trying to line up some of Janelle’s votes so I’d go.
Willie: GOD DAMN!
Frank: so I’d go against them next week?
Willie: And another thing. You go to him [Wil] and act like I’m trying to do homosexual slurs and I’ve never done that s**t!
Frank: Look, I never said that you said a homosexual slur, but you mocked him, with a girly voice and put your hands up, that’s all I said.
Willie: I said he said he was going to take 24 hours off and when I walked downstairs he’s talking somebody.
Frank: No, you went… ( raising hands in the air ) and you said… I’m not gonna do the voice but.
Willie: Awh man this is stupid! I tell you what, I might be going home, but the people tonight are going to see how shady you are. You gonna be going home right behind me.
Frank: I’m straight talkin’ Willie. I have not lied about a single thing, but you lied to me when you told me you were trying to get votes, but at the same time you were lining it up so that I’d be going after Janelle’s team.
Willie: I was doing everything in the world to save your ass Frank!
Frank: You can ask anybody, the last couple of days, until I learned the truth that you were trying to line it up where Janelle’s team would have some votes against me, it would look even and I would not go after you next week. I wasn’t gonna come after you next week. You didn’t have to worry about that.

Willie: Didn’t I say that we’d go week to week from that point when you come up there? Didn’t I tell you that? I’ve said no lie to anybody in this godd**n motherf**kin’ house! And I’m getting dragged down like I”m the biggest motherf**kin’ piece of shit!
Frank: Day #2, you promised me, you said I promise you, you will not go on the block. And, I’m on the block! That’s all I gotta say, you promised me.
Willie: I told you… you were not… I’m not even going through this shit!

More back and forth about Willie never planning to send Frank home. Frank saying well, he’s on the block isn’t he? Yadda yadda yadda.

Willie: I hope everybody changes their godd**n vote and you go home because you are a shady motherf**ker!
Frank: I’m not a shady motherf**ker. I’m a straight talkin’ motherf**ker, I speak nothing but the truth.
Willie: I hope you stay baby! (pointing to Kara) because he’s a piece of sh*t!
Frank: Hold on now…
Willie: (to Kara) I hope you stay.
Frank: Why you gotta attack me like that? I ain’t saying nothing negative about you.
Willie: …I’ve been begging for you to stay this whole week… she’s crying trying to stay in the game, and you’re fucking lying trying to stab me in the back!!!
Frank: I’m not lying to this house Willie…
Willie: – Oh Dude! You’re fucking telling people that I’m doing homosexual slurs!
Frank: I didn’t say you said a homosexual slur. I said you mocked him, you did the girly voice and you did the double hand wave when you said it. I never said slur.
Willie: It doesn’t matter dude. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know what I did wrong to you, except do everything in my power to keep you in this house.
Frank: No you did not, you were wanting it to go 4 to 5.
Willie: No I didn’t.
Frank: You wanted it to be a close vote, you were willing to risk that, sure enough you told me you were gonna try to save me, but you wanted some of Janelle’s players to vote against me so you would look good and I’d go after them next week… truth or not???
Willie: Who is telling him this?

And that is when Chef Joe Arvin jumps in and proclaims he is the one who has been telling Frank this because Willie said to put him up on the block. Willie, of course, denies it, says it is all bulls**t and he is so f**king done with all this. Frank tells him it is just a game. Willie says Frank is dragging him in the ditch. Frank says no, Willie is dragging himself in the ditch. They go around and around some more about vote rigging and who did what and it’s all madness. Janelle gets dragged in about whether or not Willie was trying to get votes against Frank, whether Joe was going to vote against Frank. It’s all nutsy fun. Things finally start to wind down a bit and actually get pretty funny.

Willie: You’re running me in the dirt, I go up there and freakin’ Britney is almost crying because she’s having to defend me every second in this game and I’m… a f**king grown ass man and when I come to get something to eat I’m gonna sit down there and eat some f**king food… fruit loops or whatever, cause that’s what I wanna do and I’m gonna come out here and smoke and I don’t give a f**k who is out here!
Frank: Eat your fucking Fruit Loops, I ain’t worried about it.
Frank: I didn’t mean it to be funny like that ..
Willie: Unf**king real dude.

More back and forth with Willie declaring that now they will both be out, and Frank saying hopefully he won’t be. Willie hinting he might have some special power… (which he does not as far as we know).

Willie: you don’t know what I got son!
Frank: (laughs) OK. That’s fine.Are we done? Can we take a chill pill now?
Willie: I’m coming down here to set things straight and Kara, sweetheart, I hope you stay in this house baby, I really do, because YOU are an honest person. He’s not.

Around a bit more and then Mike Boogie steps in to put in his two cents, calling Willie a bully.

Boogie: Willie are you the boss of all these people? Like, who died and left you boss? Why do you get to tell everybody what to do?
Willie: I’m tellin’ you what I’m sayin’ Boogie, is the fact that I’m not gonna stay up and have people sayin’ I’m sayin’ things that I didn’t say.
Boogie: Well I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. Did you make fun of Wil or not?
Willie: I didn’t make fun of Wil
Frank: The tape will show.
Willie: the tape will show and Britney was right there and all I said was he said he was gonna stay quiet for 24 hours..
Boogie: well obviously she’s gonna stay quiet. She has a vested interest in you.
Willie: She has no vested interest in me.
Boogie: She has a godd**n big vested interest in you!
Willie: that’s fucking bullshit Boogie, don’t come in here and try to run that mouth just to try to get a little TV arguing time.
Frank: that’s what you’re doing
Boogie: I already got my TV time, I’m not the one here for the first time trying to show off to everybody.
Willie: I’m not trying to show off to nobody!
Boogie: I don’t need TV time.
Willie:  You can go do your thing Boogie. I don’t have no time for you.
Boogie: Then go get your Fruit Loops and I’ll eat my salmon up in here while you eat your Fruit Loops
(light laughter from the group)
Boogie: Y’all gonna get bullied by him?
Willie: Bullied?
Boogie: You gonna let him come in here and bully everybody because his brother was on a reality show?
Willie: how am I bullying them when I tell them not to follow YOU to the end so you can cut their neck off.
Boogie: When I get let into the game, because you have inside information? What’s that all about?
Willie: I didn’t say I had inside information.
Boogie: Didn’t you say that to them?
Willie: I said there’s something going around and I’m not 100% certain but it’s possible that the coaches are coming back in the game.
Boogie: OK, alright, well, just let everybody vote the way they want.
Willie: Exactly
Frank: So much drama.

And to top it all off with a laugh, after some awkward silence and chit-chat, geeky Ian Terry (who has been hiding inside away from the others until now) pipes up to ask:

Ian: So ummm. I’m gonna make a Digiorno. Would anyone want to split it?

And end scene on laughter…

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