Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Big Brother Live Feeds Recap July 16

Unfortunately we missed bringing you all the tasty Big Brother 14 spoilers from the live feeds on Monday due to being under the weather yesterday. So we’re bringing you a brief rundown of the Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds on Monday just in case you missed any of the major highlights.

The biggest and tastiest Big Brother 2012 spoilers bit we have from the past few days is awesome Willie Hantz fight that went down last night. There is some important stuff from Monday that helps lead up to that fight if you want to catch up. Or you can just skip right over to our detailed post about the fight itself here.


This post contains Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to hear what happened!

Please note that RealNetworks Superpass is having some issues with the live feeds Flashback feature. Instead of always showing BBT time, it is showing local time to some viewers. So convert your local time to Pacific time when you Flashback, or you can set your computer clock to PT time to make things easier.


The action in the Big Brother 14 house on Monday was all about who was going to get voted out at eviction this week. Would it be Frank Eudy? Would it be Kara Monaco? One minute everyone was thinking Frank, the next it was Kara. Back and forth, forth and back. It was enough to make you dizzy!

8:55 AM BBT

The Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests are beginning to stir. It is Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin’s birthday and JoJo Spatafora wishes him a happy one.

9:20 AM BBT

The Have-Nots complain about the beds in the Have-Not room. Ashley Iocco says she fell out of hers and hurt her back again, so she went and slept with JoJo and Willie in the Head of Household bed. That is just so weird.

10:30 AM BBT

Ian Terry makes the fishes come on the Big Brother live feeds by saying that it is Monday so The Glass House will be on and it “sucks.” Funny Ian, funny.

11:25 AM BBT

Willie Hantz and team leader Britney Haynes discuss the votes for getting Kara evicted from the house. Team leader Janelle Pierzina joins in and she just doesn’t even care who is getting evicted at this point because she’s so over it all. So are we…

12:45 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests start taking off their clothes… to go lay out in the backyard by the pool. Bikinis and shirtless time! Even Ian is starting to look a little less pale.

1:45 PM BBT

Willie and Frank Eudy are talking about playing their own game instead of being with the coaches. Frank and Willie are still keeping with to their agreement, and Willie says he will keep working to get enough votes to keep Frank from being evicted. They don’t like the whole idea of the veteran coaches.

2:40 PM BBT

Willie is talking game to Britney again. They agree that Kara should be the one to be evicted.

3:45 PM BBT

The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests give Boogie a “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” song for his birthday.

4:20 PM BBT

In a rare game talk moment for Jenn Arroyo, Mike Boogie compliments her on keeping herself flying under the radar. Indeed, Jenn is like a ghost in the Big Brother 14 house.

5:10 PM BBT

Janelle finally comes out and declares she thinks it is a stupid mistake not to send Frank home because he’s just too strong a competitor. She’s sick of all the waffling in the house about who to evict.

5:20 PM BBT

Janelle is not happy about being in an alliance with Willie. She thinks he is dangerous and makes comparisons between him and his brother, Russell Hantz from Survivor.

Meanwhile, Chef Joe Arvin asks Willie if they have a final two deal, but Willie will not make a commitment. He does, however, agree to work with Joe. Willie is just wheeling and dealing all over the place.

6:45 PM BBT

Team leader Dan Gheesling asks the Big Brother live feed viewers to come to the Big Brother 14 house and throw them sushi over the wall for Boogie’s birthday. The feeds go to fish, naturally. Someone just told Dan to STFU so the crazy fans don’t do just that.

7:05 PM BBT

Willie and Ashley Iocco are talking game and they make a final two deal. They agree that they will never put each other up on the block. Willie jokes about them being ‘married’.

8:30 PM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin tells Janelle that he found Willie talking with Boogie, Shane Meaney, and Frank. The fear of the resurrection of an all-male ‘Brigade’ alliance explodes between them.

9:50 PM BBT

Wil Heuser and Janelle talk about Willie. They do not think he has much in the way of brains and he is making so many deals in the house, there is no reason whey they can’t go back on their deals with him.

10:45 PM BBT

Janelle tells Dan that Kara is in trouble and she thinks it is stupid not to send Frank home. Dan is still going to work it for all he can to save his player.

11:00 PM BBT

Chef Joe wants Frank to be clear not to be screwing him over by still being Boogie’s man. More ‘Brigade’ alliance resurrection talk.

11:15 PM BBT

Boogie and Willie are talking about being allies with Frank. Willie is such a backtalker and backstabber!

11:30 PM BBT

Willie turns right around and tells JoJo and Ashley that they are the ones he wants to take to final three.

2:35 AM BBT

Dan and Janelle are talking again about an alliance. Janelle isn’t comfortable with flipping over alliances in just the first week. Dan says he will do whatever he has to in order to get Frank out instead of Kara.

3:30 AM BBT

This will be very important later. Willie and Britney discuss the possibility of the coaches coming back into the game as regular players. Britney says if that happens, everyone will be after her and she already thinks Janelle is screwing her over.

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