Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Big Brother Live Feeds Recap July 15

What a day in the Big Brother 2012 house it was on Sunday and what great Big Brother 14 spoilers we have for you from the Big Brother live feeds. Major alliances are brewing, back room deals are going down, and there might even be a showmance or two in the works in our Big Brother 14 spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:30 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin is the first to be up and about and talking to the cameras. He is annoyed that the house is a disaster area and the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests won’t clean up after themselves. He’s going to give them a piece of his mind. He thinks it is time to ‘stir up some trouble.’ He gives a shout out to former alliance partner Dr. Will Kirby.

9:25 AM BBT

I did not need to know disgusting, horrific ways to get drunk faster by getting alcohol into your body through your butt. Thank you Big Brother 14 cast houseguests. Always so educational. At least listening to Playboy model Kara Monaco talk about her poop was not quite as gross as that.

9:45 AM BBT

More gab fest about how gross the house is and how the ants are invading. Mike Boogie wants all the people who are cleaning up to bitch out the people who aren’t. If they’d talk less and clean more, they wouldn’t have this problem.

10:04 AM BBT

Remember how Shane Meaney said he was going to lie about not being a house flipper to the other Big Brother 14 cast houseguests in his preseason interviews? Well, there he is, telling Kara about being a house flipper — although he says it isn’t profitable yet and his money is still mostly from being a personal trainer. Kara doesn’t talk about being a Playboy model, but that cat is pretty much already out of the bag after the guys talked about it yesterday. Shane is so wanting the Kara. I think Kara is not so much wanting the Shane though.

10:23 AM BBT

Very cute snarky play between Chef Joe , Wil and Shane in the kitchen. Joe can actually be quite funny.

10:30 AM BBT

Frank and his coach Mike Boogie are talking strategy. They are pretty convinced that most of the house is currently behind voting out Kara Monaco at the eviction. If Frank sticks around and wins Head of Household next week, Boggie says they could go with getting out Danielle Murphree, even though he had wanted to work with veteran coach Dan Gheesling. Boogie will be putting everything he’s got into winning the coaches’ competition each week so he can keep Frank off the block. Boogie said he wanted to throw Chef Joe under the bus, but he’s been giving them information, so he could be their secret weapon.

10:45 AM BBT

Chef Joe  believes the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests will be switched around on the teams at some point in the game. Danielle thinks the teams will not be moved around or broken up.

10:50 AM BBT

Shane and Dan discuss the game. Dan wants Shane to use the Power of Veto to take Kara off the block. Shane acts like he’ll think about it he was guaranteed safety.

11:05 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin and Wil Heuser talk in the Storage Room again about what is going on in game play. Joe tells Wil that Frank and Jenn Arroyo want to get away from Boogie and make an alliance. He says they think the girls are going after Boogie. Joe says he thinks everyone needs to get together to get Danielle and Dan out next. Frank told him Ian Terry would never vote against Danielle. Chef wonders who is lying about what. Joe says Frank thinks he is safe. He thinks he and Willie Hantz have a deal, but he’s he wants to make an alliance to target Willie and get him out. Joe wants to tell Janelle. Wil says to screw Janelle and go straight to Willie. Joe decides to talk to Janelle.

11:08 AM BBT

Kara thinks if there is an America’s Player it is probably Ian. Mike Boogie doesn’t think there is an America’s Player this year.

11:09 AM BBT

Chef Joe tells Janelle Pierzina about Frank and Jenn trying to get him to join an alliance to get out Willie and Shane. Janelle is like OMG and thinks they need to tell Willie. He tells her Frank said Boogie knows the girls want to take him out.

11:10 AM BBT

The Veto Ceremony begins and the Big Brother live feeds go to trivia.

12:15 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds return and Shane has not used the Power of Veto to take anyone off the block. That means Frank and Kara remain in danger of eviction. Frank is in trouble. Willie and Britney are talking in the Head of Household room about keeping Kara instead. Willie is upset because he really thought Frank was making an honest deal with him. Britney says no, Frank is totally under Boogie’s control.

Willie wonders if they can make a deal with Kara to keep him safe next week. Britney is halfway convinced Janelle and Dan are somehow working together. She does not think her team is safe. Shane and JoJo come in. Britney tells them Frank is going behind their backs trying to make an alliance to get out Willie and Shane. Britney thinks she needs to talk to Kara and make sure Kara won’t put up Willie.

Shane says Danielle has been flirting like crazy when him, but she’s not into her. They think she’s really jealous when anyone else is talking to Shane.

Now everyone thinks maybe they should be targetting Frank and need to get Kara on their site. It is a huge bunch of crazy going on and I can’t write it all here. This is a big conversation you should check out on the Big Brother live feeds.

12:35 PM BBT

Janelle is a nasty lady and wants to convince both Frank and Kara they are safe, and then just shock them when one of them is evicted. Britney Haynes thinks maybe they should make a deal with Dan to save Kara, but Janelle says he cannot be trusted to keep any kind of deal.

12:50 PM BBT

Willie gets with Kara in the Head of Household room. It looks like the big shift is happening to target Frank instead of Kara.

12:52 PM BBT

In a continuation from last night’s ‘Education of Ian’ hilarity, Ian asks Ashley Iocco on a date for the evening. She accepts, although it is obviously not a real showmance in the making.

12:58 PM BBT

Frank and Mike Boogie talk about the idea of making a ‘Brigade’ type alliance with all guys and they want Shane on their side.

1:04 PM BBT

Boogie congratulates Ian on giving a nice balance between being smart and being lame by showing off his seriously immense Big Brother knowledge, but also acting like a dumbass. If you missed Ian basically proving he is the ultimate Big Brother idiot savant, you can use the Big Brother live feed Flashback to check it out at 9:10 BBT on Saturday.

2:41 PM BBT

Kara, Janelle and Danielle talk about Boogie. It’s his birthday on Monday. Janelle says Boogie has got to go early because he’s too strong a game player. Janelle thinks Kara and Shane will be a showmance. Janelle says Ian, Frank and Jenn are Boogie’s babies and they tell him everything. Danielle says she needs to keep her distance from Jenn if that is the case. Janelle says if she was younger and not married, she would go for Shane.

3:50 PM BBT

Shane is not happy about the idea of Kara getting evicted. Now he seems kind of regretful he didn’t save her from the block. He wants to target Jenn and Ian and get them out of the house.

3:53 PM BBT

Janelle would love it if they could get the votes from the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests to come up as a tie for the eviction. That way Head of Household Willie would have to cast the deciding vote and evict Frank. Janelle wants to make things exciting and see Mike Boogie shocked. Willie is not happy about that idea at all.

4:35 PM BBT

JoJo Spatafora and Janelle crawl into the bath together. (Did I just hear the sound of people clicking over to their Big Brother live feeds to rewind???)

5:20 PM BBT

Britney and Willie are game talking again. Britney is afraid Janelle is sneaking around and partnering up with Dan because she is so adamant at getting Frank evicted instead of Kara. It’s all crazy town with the Big Brother 14 cast houseguests and no one trusts anyone!

5:30 PM BBT

Team Janelle and Team Britney gather in the Head of Household room. This is a huge alliance basically on the verge of really solidifying, if people can keep their paranoia in check. It gets a bit crazy in there as they try to nail down that everyone on the two teams will agree not to target any of their own.

8:55 PM BBT

Willie is getting very frustrated with Janelle inserting herself in the middle of his discussions with Britney. Funny enough, Janelle then walks right into the room. They all decide to take a break from talking strategy. Of course, this lasts like barely a minute or two and then they start discussing that evicting Frank might be a bad idea. And then how evicting Kara might be a bad idea. Honestly, if this ‘alliance’ doesn’t figure out who they really want to target and get everyone on board, it’s going to be chaos when it comes to the eviction vote.

9:15 PM BBT

Ashley and Ian go on their date. Ian is following Mike Boogie’s instructions and trying to mine Ashley for information. While doing so, he’s kind of actually giving more information to Ashley than he is getting from her.

10:03 PM BBT

More game talk between Wil, Willie and Britney in the Head of Household room. Man, Willie spends SO much time in that HoH bed it is starting to get annoying. Wil says Frank’s gotta go. He is really pissed at Frank going behind his back. Frank had it solid until Chef Joe spilled the beans about that. There is still some back and forth about whether they should target him this week though, or get Kara out first. God these people need to make a firm decision!

10:20 PM BBT

Ashley talks to Janelle about what she learned from Ian during the date. Janelle tells Ashley that Head of Household Willie still really wants to keep Frank from being evicted. (Willie is really attached to Frank… kind of more than one might expect at this point in the game.) Ashley just doesn’t get it.

10:28 PM BBT

Janelle believes someone will get to come back into the game because there is an extra week in the Big Brother 14 season this year. Ian doesn’t believe anyone will come back.

11:40 PM BBT

JoJo offers up to go on a date with Ian to try to get information out of him about game play. I think she just likes playing with men because she thinks she is such a hot item. Some of the houseguests play movie charades.

11:48 PM BBT

Ian is talking to the camera. He thinks he can trust Ashley and Janelle. (Oh Ian, sigh.) He also wants Chef Joe to be safe for a good long while. Maybe Ian is going to try to ditch his coach, Mike Boogie? He thinks he is going to be out next week. He thinks Boogie thinks he is an idiot. He wishes he could be in an alliance with Willie. He says if the feed is on him that is stupid because there has to be something sexier to watch than him right now.

2:15 AM BBT

The other Big Brother 14 cast houseguests are all settled in for the night, but Willie and Ashley keep talking strategy…

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