Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 83: Cliff Gets on Board with Voting Out Holly…for Now

Nicole Anthony continued to gently push Cliff Hogg III toward evicting Holly Allen over Tommy Bracco. She basically again gave him a rundown of why it was a better move for their games, and how the jury would be shocked and respect their decision to split up the showmance. Taking out Holly would also make them the final duo, which would look good on their Big Brother resume. Cliff was still worried that Tommy would be harder to beat in the final three, but it was a better chance of them getting there with a three vs one than a two vs two situation.

Cliff told Nicole that he would vote out Holly, but he told the camera that it wasn’t set in stone yet, even after Tommy gave them the deal of a lfetime.

Tommy offered to throw the final Head of Household to Cliff and Nicole, then he would gun for Veto so that they could take out Jackson Michie. They all shared a passion for this game and he wanted to see them take it to the end. At one point, Nicole went off by herself because she became so emotional about how much she wants the Big Brother 21 title.

We have two and a half days before eviction, so things could shift again, but as of now, Holly is walking out the door on Thursday. In addition to Tommy’s campaigning, Jackson and Holly didn’t work much on protecting her. They were still in a battle over an argument from the night before.

Jackson spoke with Nicole, and eventually Cliff joined, about him playing for himself. He was here for himself and his family. He didn’t give them permission to vote out Holly, but he said he understood it was a game. He wouldn’t vote bitter. They agreed that this was a game and bitter voting wasn’t something they planned to do.

Cliff and Nicole felt that during this discussion, Jackson might be implying that it was okay to vote out Holly, and that he would understand it was a game move. They also credited the constant fighting recently between them might be a little reason why Jackson was getting more okay with seeing Holly leave the game.Meanwhile, Holly was very worried about the future of her game life and with Jacksin. He assured er that she wouldn’t be leaving on Thursday.

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