!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13: Week 7 Head of Household Results

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Tonight’s Head of Household competition contest on Big Brother 13 was an endurance challenge. The Big Brother houseguests were forced to get “All Washed Up” in slippery suds while running back and forth to fill glass globes with colored liquid in order to free a ping pong ball.

Click underneath the SPOILER alert below to find out who won the competition to become the new Head of Household.

[spoiler name=”Live Eviction Results”]

The Head of Household competition was an endurance challenge this week, so the contest wsa not over by the time the live episode ended.  This is when it is great to have the Big Brother live feeds so you can immediately tune in and watch all the action live! We’ll bring you the results of the Head of Household competition as soon as it is over.

The Big Brother live feeds return around 7:05PM BBT and the Head of Household competition is in full swing. At first it looked like a close run between Kalia and Jeff. Shelly takes a dive in the slippery suds around 7:11PM BBT, but gets back up and running. (Why on earth does she keep doing that weird rolly thing with her tongue every time she dumps liquid in the globe though?)

Jeff keeps on sliding his way in at top speed and he’s leading the way. He does some choking on the bubbles though and Daniele brings him some water. It is like a foam hurricane going on in there. Next up to take a dive is Adam, who goes down hard but gets back up and keeps running at it.

After a very long — and very wet — competition, it looks like the veterans have done it again. The newbies are left wet and pitiful as Jeff fills his globe first and wins Head of Household.

Now we get to watch all the crazy fun backstabbing we KNOW is going to be going on this week in the Big Brother 13 house![/spoiler]

If you missed the Head of Household competition, you can use the Big Brother live feeds Flashback to roll back to 7:05PM BBT and catch all the fun. This competition really was quite entertaining. We especially loved all the scowls from Daniele. Well worth watching!


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