Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 31 Highlights: Jessica and Cody Vs.The House

Well there is one thing that you can for sure say about this Big Brother 19 week: it is far from boring. We had a massive explosion after the Big Brother 2017 Power of Veto ceremony. Then we had someone talk with a bullhorn, and they let Paul Abrahamian and his friends know that they might not be as popular in the outside world as they believe.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton, Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, Alex Ow, and Matt Clines

Meanwhile, the tides turned yet again for Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. The house united even more to go against them. It was a day full of pots and pans being clanked, victim noises, and secrets being revealed. So here are the highlights from yesterday’s crazy day of Big Brother 19 Live Feeds.

The Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

Big Brother 19 Cast

The Big Brother 19 Power of Veto ceremony happened a little earlier than normal. During it, Paul decided to remove Jason Dent from the block. Jason was the third nominee due to the Big Brother Temptation Competition, so no one went up as a replacement.

A day before, Paul convinced Jason to give a speech attacking Cody’s character. Paul couldn’t do it himself because he had already made a deal with Jessica to not say anything towards Cody during his speech. The houseguests commented a lot on how Cody refused to give a speech.

Cody and Jessica stayed alone for awhile just talking about their personal lives. When Cody was called to the D.R, Paul decided to come in the room to speak to Jessica. Jessica accurately tells Paul that she sees his game. She knows that he has the whole house under a spell.

She admits as a fan she would be impressed, but she’s not here to play Paul’s game. Cody eventually comes back into the room. He chooses to say nothing, let Jessica speak for them. Paul makes several attempts to convince Jessica that he doesn’t control the house.

However, it’s clear that Jessica throws him off his game, because he messes up some of his lies, and she calls him on it. Jessica tells Paul that she’s definitely using the Halting Hex now.

War On.

8 Vs 2

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Paul then goes to spill the beans on everything Jessica told him. He tries to paint it like Jessica was throwing the whole house under the bus. Josh Martinez then walks in a room to try to have a discussion with Cody and Jessica. They listen for a little while, but Cody eventually walks out.

Then Paul runs to tell Alex Ow that Jessica wanted her out, and that he made a fake deal to make it happen. Alex confronts Cody about it. He tries to explain that he didn’t know what she was talking about, and then walks away again.

Josh eventually leaves the room. Cody and Jessica try to be alone again, but Jessica steps out for a second. Alex calls her out on making her the target. Then Raven Walton gets involved. It’s a screaming match between Raven and Jessica.

Cody comes out and gets Jessica to go outside. They chill outside, and then everyone comes out to attack them from across the room. Pots and pans are being hit together, people are questioning Cody’s military status, and even more insults.

It becomes a circus scene. Jessica and Cody keep their cool for most of it. They actually find some humor in it at first. However, eventually Jessica starts to wonder if it’s all worth it.

Cracks Start to Show

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf

Jessica has a serious talk with Cody about self-evicting. He agrees to do it if she wants to do it. He will do whatever she wants. However, he mentions how great of a TV moment it will be when she uses the Halting Hex. Jessica talks about how she’s only a few minutes away from her home in Los Angeles.

She goes on and on about her life back at home. Then someone heads over to the CBS lot to scream over the wall. They yell ‘America loves Jess. Paul is a bully.’ The houseguests are forced back into the house for a lockdown.

Later, the houseguests discuss what they heard. Later, the DR room calls in Jessica to tell her that a fan was the one who was outside. They give her encouraging words, and that seems to calm her down for the moment. She wants to stay and play again.

Big Brother 19 Cast

Production also talks to Paul, Josh, Raven, and a few others. They tell them that they can’t continue to harass houseguests, because it’s a rule break if it is done with the intent to initiate a fight. Paul tells people to calm down for the day, but they’ll continue to bother Jess and Cody but ‘in a fun way.’ He plans to keep them up the night before Thursday’s Head of Household competition to hurt their chances of winning it.

Meanwhile, Jason and Kevin Schlehuber stay out the drama as much as possible. They also don’t like that Paul pretended to target Alex. They’re getting more and more fed up with Paul and his antics by the day.

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