Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 10 Head Of Household Results (09/09/21)

We just experienced the first of two Big Brother 23 double evictions. This one sent  Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez to the jury house. Now the Cookout final six are left to fight it out for another Head of Household competition. The houseguests have no idea that their stressful week is just beginning. They’ll have another double eviction next Thursday, and this time two Cookout members will go home. We’ll be down to the final four players and only a few more days left of Big Brother 23.

Big brother 19 Julie Chen Head of Household

That means this week, the houseguest who wins Head of Household is at a disadvantage because he or she is more vulnerable going into the second Big Brother 23 double eviction. This Head of Household gets you to the final five, but it may spell your doom for the final four.

The Cookout has been happily celebrating their victory, but each member has a personal target. The Cookout men, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Derek Fraiser all want to take a shot at Tiffany Mitchell. While Tiffany will likely try to make a move against Xavier and Derek F. Azah Awasum will go after Kyland. Hannah Chaddha is outgoing Head of Household this week, so she won’t be competing but could end up as a pawn.

So who won this week’s Head of Household Competition?



Kyland won Head of Household!

Kyland will likely nominate Hannah for sure because she just nominated him. However, it’ll be interesting to see if he takes a shot at Tiffany or Xavier. He’s in an alliance with both, but he was swaying away from Xavier, but before the HOH comp, he told Xavier that he was fully with him. If I had to predict, I think he will take a shot at Tiffany, only because he told Azah a little before HOH that he wouldn’t nominate her, but his best game move would be to take out Azah. She’s the one that wants him most gone and he’s not in any type of final three alliance with. Also, if Kyland doesn’t win the Veto on Thursday, there is a high probability that he goes home second in the double eviction.

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