Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 9/8/2016

Who won head of household on Big Brother tonight in one of the most crucial competitions of the season? Will it be a Paul/Victor power duo in charge of the house, or possibly a Nicole/Corey/James trio running the show this week? Read on for spoilers from the Live Feeds on who won HoH on Big Brother tonight!

Big Brother 19 Head of Household (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Head of Household (CBS)

If Paul Abrahamian comes out on top of the challenge this evening, it will be interesting he and Victor stick with the current Final Four deal with Nicole and Corey. If so, they’d be putting James Huling up on the block as the target, but who else would be a nominee? Hmmm. If they were really smart, they’d be all about getting Nicole out, not James. If Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, or James wins, we fully expect the three of them to team up now that Natalie Negrotti is gone, but will they choose to go after Paul, or Victor?

The Head of Household Competition tonight, as spoiled by Miss Cleo in advance, is the infamous slip and slide endurance challenge. Houseguests have to slide their way across a slippery surface to fill containers with liquid in tiny amounts each time they reach them. There are usually a lot of falls, cursing, sometimes crying, and it’s always a big mess. Nicole did reasonably well in the version of this competition in her previous season, so she’ll be one to watch.


We’ll be recapping the Big Brother Head of Household Competition live as it happens starting on the CBS TV show and moving on to the Live Feeds. Keep up with the latest updates from the live HoH challenge in our updates via Twitter below! Plus, of course, we’ll post the winner right here as soon as they are revealed! Of course, if you want to watch it all for yourself, you can grab a whole MONTH of CBS All Access free until September 16 if you sign up now using the code “FALLACCESS”!

The competition gives the option of filling a small bowl or a large bowl. You can fill the large bowl directly to win HoH, or you can fill the small bowl first to get a big scoop to fill the large bowl faster.

7:15 PM BBT: As it stands right now on the Live Feeds, it looks like Corey is in the lead on the large bowl. Nicole is in the lead for filling the small bowl to unlock the large scooper. James is doing a lot of crawling…

7:30 PM BBT: Nicole has filled the small bowl and released the large scoop she can now use to fill the large bowl. Meanwhile, Corey is obviously in the lead on filling the large bowl. It’s like he was born for this weird competition, slipping and sliding his way toward victory.

8:06 PM BBT: Corey dominated the competition from start to end, and he wastes everyone in the end, winning by strong margin just over an hour into the challenge.


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