Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 11

Who was nominated for eviction on Big Brother this week? Well, unless you’ve been following along on the Live Feeds, you could be a bit surprised about who the new Head of Household decided to put up on the block.

Big Brother 18 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Cast (CBS)

Especially with the questionable CBS TV show edits the past few weeks, and the apparently ‘faked’ conversations a certain someone has been having to provide the network with ‘drama’ for their TV footage.

That’s a subject for an entirely different article, but suffice it to say that the CBS TV show wants things to look as dramatic and up in the air as possible. However, for those of us watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, it was no surprise at all when new Head of Household Corey Brooks and showmance partner Nicole Franzel didn’t take long to lay out their eviction nominations plan for this week.

Corey and Nicole have been talking behind the scenes for a while now about flipping on their Final 4 deal with Victor and Paul. They don’t want to go into the finale against either of them, and they certainly don’t want to end up with two duos battling it out. So they need to team up with now single James to get out either Paul or Victor (preferably Victor) this week.

Thus, Corey and Nicole solidified their plan last night to put up Victor and Paul as the eviction nominees this week. If one of them wins Power of Veto, the other one will be voted out. James is smart enough to know, we hope, that while he might stand some kind of totally outside chance in the finale with Nicole and Corey, there is no way in hell he could win if he was facing Paul and Victor.

The official Nominations Ceremony is now over, and everything went as planned, leaving a pretty pissed off pair of ‘Sitting Ducks’ on the eviction block.

Should be a fun evening on the Big Brother Live Feeds with the Corey/Nicole/Paul/Victor Final 4 deal officially dead in the water — and Paul and Victor realizing their bromance on the show is about to end, and they gotta fight each other to try to be the one who stays another week at least.

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