Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 11? 9/10/2016

Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 18 and will be safe from eviction in this crucial week before the final four? We have the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on the Power of Veto Competition winner, and what this means for the final eviction nominees this week!

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto 2

Going into the Power of Veto Competition, it was do or die for the two houseguests put up on the block by the new Head of Household. No one else competing in the PoV challenge was likely to save either one of them if they should grab the win, so to keep from going home this week, the nominees had only themselves to rely on.

The bromance is about to be over for Paul Abrahamian or Victor Arroyo when the next eviction rolls around. Unless some kind of crazy miracle were to happen with one of them somehow coming off the block, and either James (not) or Nicole (no way) going up in their place, AND then getting voted out (that would be St. Theresa level miraculous).

Victor, especially, knew that he just had to win the Power of Veto Competition on Saturday if he really wanted to stand any chance of surviving the eviction this week. He’s the biggest threat in the house, and everyone knows it. If he’s on the block, it would be totally nuts to not vote him out. Although, of course, crazy things have happened, so Paul certainly wanted to win the PoV himself just in case.

If Paul or Victor did win the Power of Veto, then Nicole and Corey’s plan would be to put James up as the replacement nominee. Corey certainly wouldn’t put Nicole up on the block at this point. It’s unlikely that if James did go up, he would be in any danger at all. Nicole and Corey both know that James is far less likely to be a threat to them in the final three than either Victor or Paul.

The official results from the Power of Veto Competition are now in! Apparently it was the popular Big Brother Comics challenge and the winner was… Nicole!

That means the nominations will not be changing when the Veto Ceremony arrives tomorrow, one day earlier than usual due to a special accelerated schedule this week.

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