Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 38 Highlights: Kevin Celebrates His Birthday

We had a rather slow day in the Big Brother 19 house. Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott seem to have bent their knees to Paul Abrahamian’s will. His will involves the eviction of Jessica Graf this Big Brother 19 week.

Big Brother 19 Cast

Elena Davies, who was once in danger, has now gone back to being Paul’s loyal subject. The only real shake up this week could come in the form of a Raven Walton eviction. But we all know that that’s just Big Brother 19 fan fiction.

The New Deal

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent, Kevin Schlehuber, Cody Nickson

After Cody Nickson won the Temptation Competition, Kevin Schlehuber has been pursuing him behind the scenes. He sees the value in using Cody as a weapon to go against other male players like Matt Clines and Mark Jansen. He told his plan to Paul and Jason Dent. Today, he also shared the plan with Alex Ow.

Kevin, Jason, and Cody talked about working together for the next three to four weeks. He won’t put them on the block, if they don’t put him. He promised to protect those Kevin wants to protect. However, Kevin included Paul in this deal, and we just don’t see Cody honoring any deal that involves Paul.

When Kevin later told Paul and Alex about the deal, Paul mentioned how he didn’t trust it. However, he encouraged Kevin to keep up the lie, incase Cody won this week’s Head of Household competition.

Cody also disclosed that he wanted to give people a show this week. He would pretend to be enraged during Jessica’s eviction to stir up things. He let Kevin and Jason know that it would all be part of a show and to not take it serious.

The Sound of Mischief

Big Brother 19 Cast

Big Brother 19 decided to play random sounds inside the house. Some of the sounds included babies crying, bullhorns, and pigs. Big Brother didn’t let the houseguests know why they were playing sounds, but it’s most likely for some type of competition. It’s likely part of this week’s Head of Household competition, but it seems a little early to start making the houseguests remember for it.

Kevin’s Birthday

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian, Kevin Schlehuber, Raven Walton

All the Big Brother 19 houseguests (minus Cody and Jessica who declined to make people feel less uncomfortable about their appearance) attended Kevin’s birthday celebration. They had a nice family style dinner for his 56th birthday. They then had some cake.

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