CBS All Access Expanding to Canada in Early 2018!

Our Canadian friends: your Big Brother prayers have been answered. You no longer have to take the long road to see new episodes of  Big Brother. By Big Brother 20, you should be able to subscribe to CBS All Access for all your Big Brother and CBS needs.

Big Brother is on All Access from CBS
Big Brother is on All Access – Source: CBS

On Monday (08-07-17), Corporation Chief, Leslie Moonves spoke to the press and released a statement about the future of the streaming site. He mentioned plans to expand CBS All Access to Canada and other international markets.

During the first half of 2018, he wants to make CBS All Access available to Canadian viewers:

“There is a huge opportunity for CBS to go direct-to-consumer on a much bigger scale worldwide,” said Moonves.

From past experience, we know how prominent the Canadian Big Brother fans are in the Big Brother fandom community. They are just as passionate about the series as the Big Brother US fans. We share love for our version and their version. This news is a huge leap forward for making the show more easily accessible to Canadians and other international fans.

CBS All Access will allow Big Brother to expand its Live Feed watchers and help let the Canadians be a part of the interactive process going forward.

Moonves also mentioned how CBS All Access and Showtime are now quickly approaching the over 4 million mark. They want to expand that to 8 million by 2020. Adding Canada and other international markets to the roster should make the 8 million subscriber dream a reality even before 2020.

Currently, CBS All Access costs $5.99 a month for a limited commercial option. Commercial free costs subscribers $9.99. As Big Brother 19 fans, you know that CBS All Access is the only way to get Big Brother Live Feeds, which is available to US audiences all summer long. And it will soon be available to international audiences all next summer.

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