Who Was Evicted On Big Brother 23 Double Elimination Night? (9/9/21)

Tonight, we are nine weeks into Big Brother 23, and we will be watching our first of two back-to-back double elimination weeks. This should be exciting as the houseguests scramble to get their games in order in the fast-paced evening.

First, we will watch as the current Head of Household, Tiffany Mitchell, had to nominate her BFF Claire Rehfuss once her target, Alyssa Lopez won the Power of Veto and saved herself from the block. Tiffany’s alliance, the Cookout, is desperately trying to eliminate the last two non-Cookout members in the Big Brother game. Will tonight finally be that night when the houseguests are surprised with a double eviction event?

Week Nine Power of Veto Aftermath

Tiffany really had no choice but to nominate Claire to the block after Alyssa saved her game. If Tiffany had tried to keep Claire safe, her entire game would have blown up in her face.

Claire somehow respects Tiffany’s game, but she is not happy being on the block.

Week Nine Live Eviction Vote

Host Julie Chen Moonves notified the houseguest it is time for the first live eviction. Let’s get this going!

Alyssa voted to evict Claire
Hannah Chaddha voted to evict Xavier
Derek Frazier voted to evict Claire
Azah Asasum voted to evict Claire
Kyland Young voted to evict Claire

By a vote of 4-1, Claire was evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. During her eviction interview with Julie, Claire said she completely understood why Tiffany could not evict a person of color from the Big Brother game. She couldn’t blame Tiffany for doing what was right even though this was done at her expense.

Claire made sure to throw Xavier under the bus by telling everyone in the Big Brother house that he was going to win the game. She told Julie that she wanted to take the heat off her allies, Tiffany and Hannah.

Week 10 Head of Household Competition

This is the first-ever BB Comic’s Week. Every competition this week will be themed around the classic  BB comics. This competition is called Crash, Boom, Pow.

The houseguests will be shown images involving comic book words like crash, boom, and pow. Julie will ask a question after each image is shown to the houseguests. Each houseguest that answers correctly, received one point. The houseguest with the most points after seven rounds will win the new HOH.

After seven rounds of questions, Hannah won with 6 points of the possible 7. Hannah pulled each houseguest into the bathroom to speak privately to them. She told Alyssa that she was going up as a pawn against Xavier who was her real target. This was obviously a lie as the Cookout looks to finalize their plans to be the last 6 standing in the Big Brother house.

Week 10 Block Nominations

Hannah nominated Xavier and Alyssa to the block for eviction. She mentioned Claire’s comment before she left about Xavier being a threat. The Cookout is doing a great job at concealing their existence from Alyssa before she goes to the Big Brother jury house.

Week 10 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony

Everyone will compete in the game except Kyland, by random draw. This competition is called Logo Let’s Go and here’s how it works. The houseguests must assemble a BB Comics Logo puzzle. The first to finish will win POV.

Xavier won the Power of Veto. Hannah must now nominate another Big Brother 23 houseguest in his place to the block. Alyssa is still her target, but Alyssa doesn’t seem to be panicking yet, although she should be!

Xavier chose to use the POV on himself, and he is now safe and off the block. Hannah nominated Kyland to the block.

Week 10 Live Eviction Vote

Azah voted to evict Alyssa
Tiffany voted to evict Alyssa
Xavier voted to evict Kyland
Derek voted to evict Alyssa

By a vote of 3 to 1, Alyssa was evicted from the Big Brother 23 house. In addition, the Cookout has achieved its mission of being the first all African-American alliance in the Big Brother house to make it to the end of the game. This means the first African-American houseguest will be winning the Big Brother title this year.

During her exit interview with Julie, Alyssa said she knew she was going to be the one evicted next to Kyland. She said she felt betrayed by Hannah in the end. She tried to work with her, but Claire got in Hannah’s head during the last eviction.

Join us again on Sunday, September 12 at 8/7c for the next Head of Household competition and the next block nominations.

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