Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 7/6/2017

The Big Brother 19 night 1 eviction came down to Jillian Parker, Christmas Abbott, and Cameron Heard. The votes were very low for Christmas (with only two votes) and Jillian (with only three votes), so Cameron got the majority with eight votes. It was one of the first three way vote split in Big Brother history, which set Big Brother 19 up for an unpredictable voting pattern.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Tonight continued that pattern with a split vote between Jillian and Christmas. Head of Household Cody Nickson set the stage for an unpredictable week in general when he nominated Paul Abrahamian, who has three weeks of safety, and Christmas as Paul’s replacement. This went against his original alliance. It also blindsided the entire house because none of them had a clue about Cody’s plan.

The votes during tonight’s Big Brother 19 first live eviction came down to whose side do you want to support in this battle: Cody’s side (which meant you voted out Christmas) or Paul’s side (which meant you voted out Jillian). All week, the votes changed by the hour. In the end, it came down to what Josh Martinez would do with his vote.

He could either tie it all up by voting Christmas out, which would lead to a 6 to 6 vote. This outcome gave Cody the deciding vote. He would vote out Christmas in the result of a tie. If Josh decided to vote out Jillian, it would be a 7 to 5 vote annd Jillian would leave.

So what did Josh do? And did everyone on Big Brother 19 stick with their side of the battle field? MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD. PROCEED WITH CAUTION


Kevin voted to evict Jillian

Matt voted to evict Jillian

Raven voted to evict Jillian

Paul voted to evict Jillian

Jason voted to evict Christmas

Jessica voted to evict Christmas

Ramses voted to evict Christmas

Dominique voted to evict Jillian

Alex voted to evict Christmas

Elena voted to evict Jillian

Mark voted to evict Jillian

Josh voted to evict Jillian

8-4 vote in favor of Jillian leaving.

Josh decided to go with Paul’s side. Jillian Parker was the second evictee of Big Brother 19.

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