We hoped it was going to be another awesome Head of Household endurance competition on Big Brother tonight but alas, we were out of luck this week. However, that does at least mean we found out who won Head of Household on Big Brother 15 without having to wait for hours to get the scoop on the Live Feeds!

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We’d like to say we totally predicted who would be the new HoH this week but we’d be lying through our teeth. When it’s an endurance competition, you can usually make an educated guess about who will last the longest. In these quiz challenges though, you never know who is going to win. Some HouseGuests are better at physical, rather than mental challenges, but everyone can have a lucky day in this kind of challenge.

We really kind of wanted GinaMarie Zimmerman to win just to see what the hell would happen if she did. Or Judd Daughtery, just to see which side of the house he would end up being loyal to. Even Spencer Clawson would have been interesting to watch how incredibly paranoid he would get in trying to figure out which side of the house his bread was buttered on. We really did not particularly want to see Amanda Zuckerman or McCrae Olson win. As for Andy Herren, well, we’re just pissy at Andy right now and didn’t want him to have the pleasure.

So who won the Head of Household Competition on Big Brother tonight and will get to nominate the next two HouseGuests for eviction? And possible be the recipient of the long anticipated Pandora’s Box? Keep on scrolling past our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out the results of this week’s HoH challenge!

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The Head of Household Competition tonight was a fierce battle that Spencer and Andy really didn’t want to win… both of them are kind of in a middle place right now and would prefer to keep their hands from getting bloody. Everyone else, however, REALLY wanted that HoH power!

Tonight’s Head of Household challenge was very Easter themed with everyone dressed up as bunnies with their feet tied together so they had to hop everywhere. The HouseGuests had to maneuver eggs through a maze with only their fingertips. The first one to finish with their eggs won. The one with the least eggs  at the finish would get a punishment to wear a chicken suit for 48 hours.

The competition was not over before the CBS show ended, so everything from here on out is Big Brother spoilers that haven’t aired yet on the network show. You have been warned!

8-29-2013 07-37-15 PMUnfortunately, for some reason CBS decided not to turn on the Live Feeds until AFTER the rest of the actual competition was over. Finally, the Feeds came back on around 7:30 PM BBT and we found out that the winner of the HoH Competition was… GinaMarie! Judd and Spencer tied for last, so they both will have to wear a chicken suit for two days. Spencer is PISSED about it.

GinaMarie has already told Elissa that she will put up McCrae and Amanda on the block this week. This is pretty much the plan she is sharing with her new The Exterminators alliance with Andy, Spencer and Judd. Amanda, however, is all up in GM’s face trying to make sure she nominates who SHE wants to go up. She told Spencer that GinaMarie will put up Elissa and probably Judd. Little does she know…

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