Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (13)Before we get to who was evicted from Big Brother tonight, let’s just take a moment to stop and appreciate what a dramatic and crazy week it has been! Honestly, this season has been a bit dull compared to most previous years on the show. Thankfully, the HouseGuests ramped it up over the past week, especially on the Live Feeds. We’re hoping our live Big Brother 15 recap tonight will be just as entertaining!

We cannot condone the behavior of some of the cast members this past week, especially Amanda Zuckerman’s terrorizing of Head of Household Elissa Slater. However, we were delighted that there was some kind of real action going on inside the Big Brother 2013 house, good and bad. Finally, the stalemate of having the same damn people (cough, Amanda) pulling all the strings week after week was over! No matter who is evicted tonight, Amanda is going to lose one of her 3AM alliance allies — and she may never recover real control of the house again.

After the live eviction on Big Brother tonight, we are absolutely giddy with anticipation of finding out who will win the Head of Household Competition. We DON’T want to see McCrae Olson or Amanda win it but even that outcome could be very interesting… if McCrae wins and he has finally decided it isn’t a smart idea to take his showmance lover to the final four. Even if Amanda wins, there is a potential that the house could rally against her and defy her when it comes to the next eviction. And if one of the others win… who knows what kind of insanity might follow.

Now is when it really gets exciting folks! So grab a beer, nuke some popcorn, and settle in for a fun night of BB15 madness right here in our live Big Brother recap of Thursday’s live eviction show!

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Welcome to Big Brother tonight! Host Julie Chen says that after working together in the 3AM alliance, they are now sitting together this evening with one of them about to be evicted. After a brief review of the action on the last episode, including Amanda’s win in the Power of Veto Competition, we move ahead with tonight’s live eviction show.

It’s Day 70 inside the Big Brother house and tonight the 3AM alliance will cease to exist when either Aaryn or Andy goes home. We kick off the show tonight at the end of the Veto Ceremony and Amanda telling Elissa to “sit down trash” after she made her nominations.

In Diary Room, Elissa says she nominated Andy for eviction because she knows Andy is working with Amanda and it will weaken her. Aaryn is worried she will go home because Andy has deals with everyone in the house. Andy says he is freaking out and needs McCrae and Amanda to vote to keep him this week but his future moving forward will be without them.

Amanda continues to harrass Elissa and get in her face. She tells Elissa she is “very threatening and very scary.” She mocks Elissa and asks her why she doesn’t look like her pictures and “how many doctors did it take to make your face look like that.” Elissa goes back and locks herself back in the Head of Household room.

Amanda b*tches about people being nice to Elissa. She is slamming her to Andy, Spencer and McCrae. She tells Andy not to walk away when she is b*tching about Elissa when he tries to leave. She says she wants to punch Elissa in the face. She says if she sees anyone talking to her, they will be her next target.

Switch over to GinaMarie, who thinks Amanda is psychotic and she wants her out. She, Judd, Spencer and Andy are smack talking about Amanda and McCrae. The four of them decide to make a new alliance, The Exterminators, to get rid of the rats in the game.

Amanda tells Aaryn that she did everything she could to get Elissa to put up GinaMarie instead of her. In Diary Room, however, Amanda says she trusts Andy more than Amanda. Aaryn starts crying and Amanda starts crying but we don’t really believe their tears.

Aaryn is talking to GinaMarie and GM says she always has Aaryn’s back. In Diary Room though, GinaMarie talks about the new alliance she’s made and how she has to stay strong with that. Aaryn thinks GM is in her pocket but knows she has to get Judd and Spencer. She asks them why they wouldn’t want to vote for her to stay. They talk about how she is shaky and her HoH’s have been manipulated by McCranda. Aaryn tells them she was in an alliance with Andy, McCrae and Amanda. Spencer and Judd say they will think about keeping Aaryn but won’t commit.

Aaryn threatens McCrae and Amanda that if they don’t save her, they are in trouble. She tells them that Spencer said he would put up McCranda if he wins Head of Household. Amanda calls him over and asks him if he said that. He totally denies it and tells Aaryn she is a huge liar and stomps off. He goes off and tells Andy and Judd Aaryn is being a big fat liar. Amanda asks if Aaryn would take her and McCrae to the final three. She says if they save her, she will be loyal forever. In Diary Room, Amanda says her mind was totally made up to evict Aaryn but that Aaryn has made a good pitch and they may have to reconsider getting rid of her.

Back to host Julie Chen and she says she’ll be sitting down with former Big Brother favorite Dan Gheesling when we get back from a break! Plus, whoever does the worst in the Head of Household Competition tonight will either have to wear a bunny suit or a chicken suit for 48 hours. To pick which one, Tweet either #bbchicken or #bbbunny.

We’re back and Julie is asking Dan about what he thinks about the game play this season. He talks about Amanda being a b*tch and how she is playing the game like a brat. He says she acts like an a** and then cries like a baby. He says if she wants to be a real villain, she needs to just be a villain like Mike “Boogie” Malin and that’s it. He says he never attacked people like Amanda has with racist and personal stuff. He says his favorite player right now is Judd because he really did come back in with a clean slate and ready to play.

Dan then disses the McCranda showmance and says they aren’t even going to talk to each other a month from now. He says showmances interfere with people’s games and that is happening with them. Then they chat about Rachel Reilly and her boy toy. He says at least Rachel played her own game even with him.

Now we visit with some of the most famous showmance couples in Big Brother history. First we have Brenden and Rachel, who are now married and talk about having Big Brother babies. Then we have Danielle Donato and Dominic Briones, who are also now married. (We flash to McCrae and Amanda’s fake wedding.) Next we visit with Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, who are now living together but haven’t tied the knot yet. Jordan says the next step is for Jeff to “put a ring on it.” He says wow.

Next up is the live eviction and either Aaryn or Andy will go home. But first, another commercial break!

Here we go and Julie has some questions for the HouseGuests. Julie asks Judd how things have changed since he came back. He says not much has changed, just a few more people out, so thanks to the others for that!

Julie congratulates Amanda for winning her first competition but asks her what she was thinking about going after Elissa this week. Elissa says she has apologized and they have made amends but that Elissa had pushed her buttons and now people know not to do that. Elissa says Amanda took it to a personal level and emotions were running crazy and it’s Big Brother and bygones are bygones. Julie talks next about how disgusting the house has been and how the fans on Twitter have been buzzing about it. Spencer says he just throws everything down all over the place. Julie congratulates him for not being on the block this week for once.

Now it’s time for the final pleas. Aaryn calls out to her family first and thanks them for making it possible for her to be here and she can’t wait to see them. She calls out to her friends as well and thanks Big Brother for being in the house. She says she respects the decision of the house and loves them all.

Andy uses a few words from Abraham Lincoln and says goodnight, good luck and “I love Anderson Cooper.” Finally we get to the vote:

Judd votes to evict “Texas tornado” Aaryn
Spencer votes to evict Aaryn (and says he almost forgot how to vote)
GinaMarie votes to evict Aaryn (and she is in tears)
Amanda votes to evict Aaryn
McCrae votes to evict Aaryn

With a unanimous vote, Aaryn has been evicted and will go to Jury.

Aaryn leaves the house in a very somber, very quiet goodbye. hse hugs everyone as she goes. GinaMarie is crying. When she sits down for her exit interview, Julie says they have “a lot to talk about.” Julie asks why McCrae and Amanda didn’t save her instead of Andy. She also wants to know why GinaMarie didn’t vote for her. Aaryn says she told GM to vote with the house to keep herself safe.

Julie confronts Aaryn about some things she said about other HouseGuests that came across as racist. Aaryn says she is Southern and things she has said have been taken out of context. She says she never meant to say anything to hurt anyone. Julie takes the opportunity to read out some of Aaryn’s racist and homophobic statements inside the house.

“Be careful what you say in the dark, might not be able to see the b*tch.”

“Shut up, go make some rice.”

“No one is going to vote against who that queer puts up.”

Aaryn says she feels horrible if she said any of those things and she looks horrified. People in the audience are laughing at her denials that she is a racist. They laugh some more about her saying that she was great friends with all these people and it hurts her that people would think she is like that.

In the goodbye messages, Amanda says Aaryn is like a sister to her. Judd says it was just time to get rid of her for his game. Elissa says she has nothing to say to Aaryn except have fun in the Jury house. Or don’t. GinaMarie says she loves her now and forever and she will always be her BB bunny.

Aaryn says she feels horrible and in Texas sometimes they say things but they don’t really mean it and she doesn’t want to be seen as that kind of person. Julie says after she watches all the footage of herself that she hopes Aaryn will have a new perspective on things. Aaryn really looks like she is in total terror realizing how people have seen her out there in the real world.

Back from commercial and it’s time for the “Hopportunity” Head of Household Competition. It’s all about bunnies and eggs. They have to hop with their feet tied together throughout the course and get eggs up a metal lattice through a maze to the end with just their fingertips. Julie tells them that whoever ends up last will have a punishment of wearing a chicken suit to wear for the next 48 hours.

The CBS show is over but the competition results were revealed on the Big Brother Live Feeds and you can find out who won by clicking the link below for our HoH spoilers post! But first, Julie says there will be a surprise for the new Head of Household and one week from tonight will be the season’s second Double Eviction. Bring on the drama!

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