Big Brother 13: Week 6 Eviction Prediction

The Big Brother 13 live eviction airs tonight on CBS and we can’t wait for the drama to unfold! If you’ve been watching the Big Brother live feeds, you’re probably already pretty clear about who everyone is 99% sure is going home tonight. Still, it’s always fun to how CBS will edit things together to show you how the houseguests arrived at their decisions. Plus, we just love watching that live reaction to seeing the evicted player get the boot!

We’ve been watching the live feeds all week and seeing the situation develop in the house around who was put up on the block, what happened with the Power of Veto and who is now most likely to end up evicted tonight.  We’ve made our prediction about who will be the first player to go to the jury house. Do you agree with our pick? Click underneath the SPOILER alert below to find out who we have chosen and leave us a comment to let us know if you agree!

[spoiler name=”Our Eviction Prediction!”]

Based on what has been happening with Daniele, Jeff and Jordan and where everything stands with the newbie players, it seems there is little doubt that Brendon is the one who will be getting evicted tonight. And then, sadly for us all, we will have to listen to Rachel cry and whine and bitch again. Sigh.[/spoiler]

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