Who Won Power of Veto on Big Brother Last Night? 7/20/2016

Spoilers for who won Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight came in from the Live Feeds days ago, but even the most diehard feedsters still couldn’t wait to watch the competition and Veto Ceremony on the CBS show on Wednesday! We heard plenty of hints it was going to be an awesome evening of drama and intrigue, and we certainly were not disappointed.

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If you want the full scoop on what happened with the Power of Veto Competition and the Veto Meeting, you can check out our detailed recap of Wednesday night’s show. Otherwise, keep on reading if you are eager to just know who won and how the Power of Veto was used (or not used) to shake up this week’s eviction nominations!

Playing for Power of Veto this week were Paulie as Head of Household with Tiffany and Natalie as his nominees, Corey as Tiffany’s Roadkill nominee, and chosen players Paul and Da’Vonne. Zakiyah played host for the competition.

At the end of the challenge, it turned out to be Corey who won the Power of Veto competition. Despite some crazy waffling briefly about not using the PoV on himself, Corey made the wise decision to save himself from the block at the Veto Meeting. This left Tiffany with the job of nominating a replacement eviction nominee.

As she had been planning for days with enemy turned ally Frank, Tiffany put up Da’Vonne. Her former 8-Pack and Fatal Five ally ramped up the drama when she took her seat with fellow nominees Natalie and Tiffany by flinging her hair into Tiffany’s face. Although not aired on the show, we heard Tiffany complaining about this later on the Big Brother Live Feeds and saying she should report Da’Vonne in the Diary Room for assaulting her with her hair. Yes, folks, that’s some Big Brother ridiculous for you!

So now we have Da’Vonne, Natalie, and Tiffany on the block. Natalie is nothing but a placeholder. The real war is between Tiffany and Da’Vonne. While right now the votes seemed to be leaning against Tiffany, she and Frank are working the house hard to flip that vote and get Da’Vonne out on Thursday night. Little do they know that no matter which one of them gets the boot, they might well be walking right back in the door on Friday’s special Battle Back episode!


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