Big Brother 18 Recap: Da’Vonne vs. Tiffany Throwdown! 7/20/2016

We already knew from Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds that tonight’s Power of Veto show was going to be a hell of a lot of fun. The whole house has been in an uproar all week, with former arch enemies now thick as thieves, and previously tight alliances crumbling into dust. In the midst of it all are two of the biggest female personalities in the house this season: Da’Vonne Rogers and Tiffany Rousso.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany Da'Vonne

Let’s remember back a bit to when Da’Vonne threw her alliance mate Tiffany under the bus to veteran Frank Eudy by feeding him false information that the Rousso sister was after him. He then targeted Tiffany to get her out and nearly managed to do so. Except that Da’Vonne suddenly started to think maybe Frank was actually the bigger threat and Tiffany should be kept around to be a vote to get him out.

Da’Vonne’s plans to flip the vote to keep Tiffany fizzled out, but the rest of the 8-Pack (mostly) decided to put together their own revolt against Frank on their own. So they organized their own vote flip to keep Tiffany, and didn’t even bring Da’Vonne into the loop until the last minute.

Problem for Da’Vonne was that even though she did try to save Tiffany at one point, she was the person who pretty much directly put her in danger in the first place, and she didn’t actually end up being the one who pulled her butt out of the fire. Things just went way downhill from there. There have been tears on both sides, a total catfight caught on the Big Brother Live Feeds, and both of them working hard to blow up the other one’s game and bad mouth them every way they can.

Big Brother Live Feeds

So instead of being nice and cozy with Da’Vonne in both the 8-Pack and the Fatal Five alliance, Tiffany pretty much decided to go for that whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” idea and buddied up with Frank. When Tiffany won the Roadkill competition, her and Frank agreed to put up Corey Brooks, one of Head of Household Paulie’s allies. And that’s where we left off on the CBS Big Brother 18 show on Sunday night, with Tiffany, Natalie, and Corey on the block.

Just because Tiffany didn’t put Da’Vonne up on the block. however, doesn’t mean the issues between the two ladies have cooled down in the least. In fact, things have only gotten more heated! We don’t want to spoil anything in advance before we get there, but let’s just say that the whole rivalry between Tiffany and Da’Vonne will reach ‘hair-raising‘ new levels at one point during tonight’s Power of Veto show!


Tiffany says in Diary Room that her best bet of staying this week is to break up Paulie’s block of minions. Nicole says in DR that she is not happy about her “best friend” (aka showmance snuggle buddy) being nominated and breaks into tears. Corey is convinced that Frank won the Roadkill and put up Corey. Da’Vonne knows it was Tiffany but she doesn’t want to reveal that and rock the boat any more.


Michelle, Paulie, Da’Vonne, Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie of the former 8-Pack alliance bad mouth Tiffany and debate on whether it was Frank or Tiffany who won Roadkill. Paulie really wants Tiffany out. So badly that he taunted her and got into a little verbal bitch fight with her before the Roadkill nominee was revealed and told her he would win this game because he is “bred for this.” Paulie tells the gang that it doesn’t matter what happens with Power of Veto, Tiffany is going to be going out this week.

Big Brother 18 8 Pack

Frank tells Tiffany that the only reason he came after her is because Da’Vonne told him she was coming after him. Frank tells James, Bridgette and Tiffany that he doesn’t understand why all of the others turned against him. Tiffany says she knows things and she will blow up their game. She starts spilling about who is allied with who to Frank, James and Bridgette. James says in Diary Room that he just wants to lay low this week.

Big Brother 18 Frank Eudy

Corey tells Frank he doesn’t want to be up on the block. Corey doesn’t think Tiffany could have possibly won the Roadkill because she’s the “worst player in the game.” Frank says oh you think it was me you son of a b*tch. Corey stutters like um, I don’t know, I just know it wasn’t her. Frank says in Diary Room that he needs to get Corey back on his side. He tries to tell Corey that he kept Bridgette from putting up him and Nicole last week and he has his back. But Corey says in DR that he doesn’t believe anything Frank is saying and he still thinks Frank won the Roadkill and put him up on the block.

Big Brother 18 Frank and Corey

Frank goes to talk to Da’Vonne next, still trying to drum up the numbers for his side. Da’Vonne says she just wants to punch him in the face. Frank says Da’Vonne needs to know who has been lying to her. He says he wants them to be on the same page on Thursday. Da’Vonne says she is going to do what she is going to do and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Paul walks by and says in Diary Room that he’s thinking Da’Vonne is not making a smart move sitting on the couch and talking to Frank.

Big Brother 18 Frank and Da'Vonne

Paul goes and tells Corey and Paulie that Da’Vonne and Frank were whispering and conspiring on the couch when he walked by. Paulie says that if Tiffany manages to get off the block, Da’Vonne might be an option to go up in her place.

Big Brother 18 Paul Muffins

In the Big Brother house, Paul has apparently found a newfound passion for baking muffins. And they actually taste good and don’t kill people. And I’m sitting here wondering how out of all the amazing drama, showmances and fun stuff from the Live Feeds, CBS wastes minutes no Paul making muffins. Really CBS? This is why I watch the Live Feeds for the real deal, because CBS puts the absolute stupidest, pointless stuff on the TV show sometimes.

Big Brother 18 Paulie Veto Meeting

Time to pick the players for the Veto Competition. Paulie as Head of Household is up with his nominees Tiffany and Natalie, and Tiffany’s Roadkill nominee Corey. Paulie draws Da’Vonne and Paul as the other two players. This really didn’t go so well for Tiffany, but she’s kind of hopeful Da’Vonne might use the Veto on her if she won. Frank and Bridgette tell Tiffany to just stay positive. Da’Vonne comes in and interrupts them to take a nap.

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto 2

Veto Competition is up next and the players will have to out-scoop the competition in “Scooper Star”. The players will go head to head in an ice cream scoop battle. They have to transfer fake ice cream scoops back and forth to different cones to match an image they are shown. So basically, it’s a memory challenge.

Round 1: Corey vs. Tiffany – Corey Wins

Tiffany knows the boys are going to keep picking her until she gets eliminated so she has no chance to win the Veto. Too bad he somehow stops staring at the ice cream cones like they are aliens and actually figures out how to win.

Round 2: Paul vs. Natalie – Paul Wins

Paul says Natalie isn’t a target right now, but Paulie wants to keep all his options open so Paul has to make sure to beat Natalie anyway.

Round 3: Paulie vs. Da’Vonne – Paulie wins.

Da’Vonne wants to play last (because she’s suspicious and doesn’t want to lose the Veto), but Paulie makes her go up to play him to make sure he can put her on the block or vote her out if he wants.

Round 4: Corey vs. Paul – Corey wins.

Big Brother 2

Corey tries to throw it to Paul because that way they both end up safe, but Paul is so bad and slow at the competition that Corey doesn’t know what is wrong with him and is too impatient to wait.

Round 5: Paulie vs. Corey – Corey wins.

Paulie says he’s just going to give Corey his first win. Da’Vonne says in Diary Room that it seems like Paulie is throwing the competition on purpose. This is not good for her because if Corey comes off the block, she might go up!

Corey and Nicole are both bit worried though that if he comes down, she might go up. And she’s crying in the Diary Room again.

Da’Vonne is also crying that she lost the competition and Corey won it. Tiffany wonders in Diary Room why Da’Vonne would be crying if she really trusted her not to put her up as the renom. She needs to come up with a bigger target than herself to make sure she doesn’t go home.

Frank asks Da’Vonne what’s wrong with her because she’s not looking great. Frank says he thinks Tiffany trusts Da’Vonne. But Da’Vonne is not sure about that. In Diary Room she says Tiffany might put her up as a target bigger than her to get out.

Da’Vonne tells Paul that Frank was trying to make her cry by asking her if she was afraid to go up. She’s very upset.

Paulie and his minions discuss what to do with the Veto. Corey is worried about Nicole going up if he comes down. He still thinks Frank won the Roadkill challenge. Paulie says everyone just needs to chill, they have this week handled and they should just start thinking about next week.


Da’vonne asks Tiffany if she knows who is going to be put up on the block. Tiffany says that is shady. She tells James that obviously Da’Vonne doesn’t trust her because she knows Tiffany won the Roadkill challenge. Tiffany tells James that Da’Vonne maybe needs to go up. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne goes up to talk to Paulie’s crew and wants to know if they have any info for her.

Tiffany decides to basically spill about the Fatal Five alliance to Frank and that Da’Vonne had a Final Five side alliance as well. She says Da’Vonne told her Frank was after her, and Frank says Da’Vonne said Tiffany was gunning for him. Frank is thinking it wouldn’t be bad it Da’Vonne ended up going out this week. Paul comes in and he’s worried about what’s going on. Tiffany admits she won the Roadkill and it’s funny that no one seems to believe she was capable of it. She’s giving them all the info so that maybe telling them everything she can will put the target on Da’Vonne.

At the Power of Veto Meeting, Corey announces he is going to take himself off the block. Paulie announces that the Roadkill nominee replacement is going to be… Da’Vonne! Oh and that whole Da’Vonne snaps Tiffany in the face with her hair thing? Well, we heard on the Live Feeds it was actually even more dramatic, and Tiffany whined about it later saying she should report it to the Diary Room as some kind of assault. Now that’s content way more fun than muffins to watch!



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