Big Brother 18 Alliances: Showmances Running the House 8/2/2016

Last week, the first veteran houseguest (HG) was evicted from the Big Brother 18 house. Frank Eudy, a powerful player, was evicted by a resounding 9-0 unanimous vote. This was not much of a surprise as Frank’s only true ally, Bridgette Dunning, sat on the Block next to Frank. Aside from the vote flip during the week of Bronte’s eviction, this marks the most dynamic move by the HGs in the game thus far.

Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20
Big Brother 18 alliance chart, courtesy of 89RazorSkate20

Frank’s eviction had very little impact on alliances in the house. Once Frank was nominated to the Block by Head of Household (HOH) James Huling, Frank was already on the outside looking in, and he knew it. Although Frank made many attempts to convince the house to evict his ally and fellow Block nominee, all of his efforts fell on deaf ears. By placing both Frank and Bridgette on the Block together, the house insured the strong 2-pack of “Fridgette” would be history after the eviction vote, either way the vote played out.

Now that Frank has been evicted from the game, his successor, in terms of calling the shots behind the scenes, has emerged to be Paulie Calafiore. Even though Paul Abrahamian is the HOH this week, Paulie seems to hold more control in the house than the current HOH. (In fact, the showmances crew in general, with Paulie at the head, are pretty much the core power behind everything at this point.)

Once Paul won the “Perfect Shot” HOH competition, he had his sites clearly set on evicting Bridgette this week. Paul felt as though Bridgette could not be trusted and was merely a left over remnant of Frank’s. The only matter Paul actually struggled with regarding his nominations was who to appoint as the pawn for the week. Enter Paulie to save the day.

Paul had approached Nicole Frankel and asked if she would consider volunteering to be nominated to the Block this week simply as the pawn. He wanted a strong player next to Bridgette that was capable of beating her at the Power of Veto competition. The logic was to assure Paul’s target for the week, Bridgette, remained on the Block and set for eviction come Thursday evening.

Once Nicole let that request set in of being a pawn on the Block, Nicole became very concerned that she was not playing the game she set out to play. She voiced her concerns and fears to Paul, and Paulie swiftly stepped up and offered to be the pawn for the week. Paul felt very secure with his main “friendship” buddy taking to the Block for his game.


As soon as Paulie volunteered himself to the Block, he started to work on the house about the possibility of nominating Da’Vonne Rogers to the Block if he won the POV. It did not take long or much effort on Paulie’s part to convince the house this may be the best route to go. Just like he predicted, Paulie won the POV, and he immediately saved himself from the Block. Once Paulie was saved from the Block, Paul was left with the task of naming a replacement nominee as the current HOH.

According to Paulie’s plan, Paul nominated Day to the Block as the replacement nominee, and Paulie has convinced not only the HOH the switch the target to Day, but also the remainder of the house. In addition to convincing the house to vote Day out this week, he has managed to also convince the HGs to remain silent on the true target this week leaving Day in the dark, although she does suspect her game is in trouble.

Day has been in trouble for a couple of weeks now with the house majority alliance predominately for trust reasons. Day was a member of the majority alliance from its onset at the beginning of the game. This alliance was formerly known as the 8-Pack alliance. Once Tiffany Rousso was evicted from the house, the 8-Pack has slowly fallen to the wayside.


The unnamed house majority alliance has emerged with the following members: James, Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey, Paul, and Paulie. This group is clearly calling all the shots in the house, but Paulie is now acting like a puppet master for Paul just like Frank did with Bridgette. Once Frank became the over-bearing puppet master, it was not long until the house had enough and Frank was sitting on the Block and swiftly evicted from the house. Paulie needs to be careful, or he could be seen in this same light and be sitting on the Block sooner than later.

Other than the house majority alliance and the long-standing two person deals in the house, the boys have a sub-alliance that may show its muscle before too long. These four boys left in the house, James, Paul, Paulie, and Corey could be a formidable group if the girls are not careful. The only boy that isn’t considered a part of the boy’s group is Victor, but Victor will do exactly what he is told to do by almost anyone in the house. He is so grateful to be back in the Big Brother 18 house, he would most likely do almost anything for anyone promising his safety. At this point in the game, he poses a threat to no one and counts for another vote for the boys.


It appears the house majority alliance may just coast right on through the game until they need to turn on one another. The girls will get the short end of that stick because they will most likely be the target once the group has no one else left but themselves. The girls need to quickly remember before it’s too late that boys do well at the end of the BB game, and they don’t take girls with them to the end typically.

I would love to see Day finally realize she is the main target this week and form a coup d’etat to overtake the house with an all girls alliance team strategy. A strong female needs to take over this game and start to show these boys what they are made of…the problem lies in the fact of any of the girls left in the game having the strength and courage to do so.


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