Big Brother 18: Week 6 Winners & Losers!

Welcome to Big Brother Winners & Losers for week six! I missed week five so we have some catching up to do before getting to our list this week.


Just a quick recap; Frank went home last week and unfortunately the new twist didn’t help him and he had a One Way Ticket. Paul won the Head of Household competition and put up Bridgette and Paulie for nomination.

Here are my winners and losers for week 6:


1. Paul: after surviving being a pawn against his 2 allies Paul is in the drivers seat. I am not a fan of his but he is in a great position where the other houseguests are going after big (Frank) and little (Bridgette) fish.


2. Nicole: has anybody forgotten that she is playing this game? She’s in a showmance with Cory, not winning competitions which takes blood off her hands and not making many enemies except for Da’Vonne. she might go far but she could use a HoH win.

3. Victor: seriously this guy is lucky as hell. He’s an early eviction, wins himself back in the house and then everybody forgot about him. Usually returnees are quick to go. He hasn’t had the airtime and he was mentioned as a target for about 15 seconds when he returned and that was it. If Paul keeps climbing up the Rankings Victor will be just fine


1. Bridgette/Michelle: both terrible game players and both massive floaters. Bridgette could have gone far just for being a Victoria like player but aligning herself with Frank has derailed her stay in the Big Brother house. Michelle is a self proclaimed “Super Fan” but she hasn’t done anything to make a name for herself.

Big Brother Live Feeds Nicole


2. James/Natalie: James had a good chance in this game then he got into a showmance. Natalie isn’t a strong ally but eventually they will be put up against each other. I’m not sure why Natalie even signed up for this game but she has 0% shot in winning unless she goes to the end with Michelle.

3. Da’Vonne: I have never been a fan of her going all the way back to season 17. she caught a break with Tiffany and Frank being bigger targets but she seems to be on a lot of people’s radars. He DRs drive me insane and she is terrible at competitions.

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