Big Brother 18 Recap: Zingbot For President! 8/17/2016

Zingbot is in the Big Brother 18 house and it’s time for the houseguests to feel the wrath of its ‘zings’ tonight! For this week’s Power of Veto Comptition, Zingbot is running for president, and honestly with the other candidates out there, we’re ready to vote robot in this election!

Big Brother 18 Zingbot 2016
Zingbot returns to Big Brother!

While Zingbot is fighting for votes, and getting way too personal with ‘zinging’ the houseguests, Big Brother 18 former golden boy Paulie Calafiore will be battling desperately to keep from being evicted on Thursday night. Without that coveted Power of Veto in his hands Paulie is looking like a pretty strong bet to get the boot this week, unless he miraculously has that special Round Trip ticket in his pocket.

When we last left our houseguests on the CBS Big Brother 18 TV show on Sunday night, Victor Arroyo had just put up former allies Corey Brooks and Paulie on the block. This evening, they’ll be struggling to win the Veto to save themselves from possible eviction. Unfortunately for Paulie, there is absolutely no one else in the house willing to battle to take him off the block, while Corey at least has Nicole willing to rescue him if she should win the PoV.

Tonight’s Big Brother Power of Veto Competition will be the infamous ‘prize swap’ challenge, where houseguests get the chance to steal prizes and pass along punishments to other players. From spoilers off the Live Feeds, we hear it’s going to be quite the competition, and Zingbot also has some nasty little zingers we can’t wait to hear in full on the show. So strap in and hold on tight, we’re in for a fun ride tonight!

After the nomination ceremony, Victor clearly explains in the Diary Room that Paulie is his target and Corey is just guilty by association.  Paulie can’t hold back the tears and vows to fight until his last breath.  He confronts Victor in the kitchen, and Victor reminds Paulie that when Paulie was HOH, Victor was not only evicted but voted out by all the HGs except Paul.

Paulie confronts Paul about whether or not he was aware of Victor’s plan to nominate Paulie to the Block.  In true Big Brother fashion, Paul denies, denies, denies.

Paulie speaks with Corey and swears if he wins the POV, he will use it on Corey to save his game rather than using it on himself.  Please Paulie, even though you look so sad through all those tears, let’s be honest and agree that you would never give up your chance to stay in the game for one of your buddies.

The HGs draw chips for who will be playing in the POV competition.  There will be six HGs playing in the POV, the HOH, the two Block nominees, and three randomly selected HGs.  After the random draws, Victor, Paulie, Corey, Paul, Nicole, and James will be playing for the golden Power of Veto.

Before the POV, Paul, James, Michelle and Natalie decide to call out Paulie before the competition begins and come at him from all angles.  The idea is to rattle Paulie enough so that he is so nervous, he blows any chance of winning the competition.  Paul notes that history has shown that Paulie does not function well when he is all riled up.  Paul is tired of Paulie continually questioning his loyalty and is going to use that to his own advantage.

Let ‘Operation Rattle Paulie’ begin…  Paul, Michelle, and James have at it, and Michelle tells Paulie he will never be a Cody or Derrick, ouch.  They are really giving it to Paulie about loyalty and respect.  James gets really heated with Paulie and bashes him for the comments he made to Natalie.  James explains to Paulie that true friends just don’t do that to their friend’s girls.

Paulie does admit in the DR that this is a play from his own playbook except when he tries to rattle a HG, he does it one-on-one and not all together.  Paulie boasts that the HGs are afraid of him and declares that this only gives him more fuel to win the POV.  Whether Paulie wants to admit it or not, it looks pretty clear that ‘Operation Rattle Paulie’ was a success.

Let Big Brother fans rejoice as fan favorite Zingbot enters the house for an early wake-up call.  Superfan Michelle is the first to run up and hug Zingbot.  And the zings begin…

Big Brother Zingbot and Victor Arroyo (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Zingbot and Victor Arroyo (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Corey:  What do you call the man who sweeps Nicole off her feet, sends her heart a flutter, and makes her hear wedding bells?  Hayden…ZING!

Victor:  I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe you and I realized it is best said in Spanish.  El Douchebago…ZING ZING!!!

James:  You love to scare people in the house.  However, this summer the people you have scared the most are Natalie’s parents…ZING!  The son-in-law they never wanted.

Paulie:  Anyone who says you are less attractive, less charming, and all around lesser version of Cody is…CORRECT…ZING!  Poor man’s Cody…ZING!

HGs, I have a BB baby announcement…it sleeps all day, cries all night and can’t stop throwing up.  Please welcome…BIG MEECH…ZING!!!  Michelle took that one well and added#vomitcrybaby and admits she got what she deserved.

Natalie:  We all know you are not the brightest bulb but luckily what you lack in smarts, you make up for in arm pit hair.  SASQUATCH ZING!!!

Nicole:  Watching you on BB16 was a little tough.  You threw your game away for a showmance, you were terrible at comps, and ultimately had no chance at winning at all.  Oh wait, that’s this season!  ZING, Z Z Z ZING!!!

Paul:  You have a lot of catch phrases…pissed, friendship, your boy, well I’ve got a catch phrase everyone will get behind…STFU (Shut the f*&% up).  ZING ZING and another ZING!!!

Zingbot then announces that he has decided to run for President.  The HGs meet in the backyard with a super patriotic theme and decorations.  The competition is titled, ‘the United States of Zing’. The HGs will work on Zingbot’s campaign by helping him obtain electoral votes.  The game will be played in a series of rounds where no-one walks away empty-handed; however, only one HG can win the POV.

Big Brother United States of Zing
Big Brother United States of Zing (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

In each round, the HGs will launch a beanbag at the map of the United States of Zing earning Zingbot electoral votes.  The HG scoring the fewest number of electoral votes in that round will be eliminated.  That HG will claim their campaign gift revealing the prize inside.  Players eliminated after the prizes are claimed have the option of keeping their gift or trading for another HGs prize.  The last HG standing will have their choice of any prize including the POV.

Paul is the first HG eliminated in the competition.  The prize that he selected was the POV, but surely that will not last very long in his hands.  Nicole is the next HG to be eliminated, and she won the Secret Service prize.  This prize entails the recipient to wear a secret service suit for the next week and when the red alert alarm is set off, the security guard must pat down all the HGs.  The guard must make sure all the security checkpoints are safe.  Nicole immediately trades for Paul’s POV prize leaving Paul with the Secret Service prize.

Corey is eliminated next and wins an American destination trip for two to any state in the country.  Corey trades Nicole for the POV giving her the American destination trip.  Unfortunate for any Paulie fans, he is the next HG eliminated from the game and Victor rejoices!!!  Paulie wins the patriotard and the recipient must wear it for the next week in honor of Zingbot’s campaign for presidency.  Paulie decides to trade with Corey and takes the POV hoping that he can somehow keep the veto.

James and Victor are the only two HGs left in the game.  James loses to Victor and receives a $5,000 gift as his prize.  Therefore, Victor has won the golden Power of Veto and his prize is ‘Apple Pie’.  The recipient of this prize must bake a homemade apple pie each time they hear O’Say Can You Zing played in the house for the rest of the summer.  Without question, Victor exchanges his prize with Paulie and now has the POV leaving Paulie with baking apple pies for the rest of the season…sounds like fun.

Paulie immediately declares that he will not be baking any apple pies and is boo hooing about being the target this week for eviction.  Being the poor sport that he is, Paulie is showing a side of himself that is certainly not flattering, one bit.

Corey is called to the DR to try on his patriotard.  Nicole is completely smitten with how good Corey looks in his new get-up.  She says that she never imagined that Corey could look so good in this costume…get a grip Nicole, please get a grip.

Big Brother cast member Corey Brooks
Big Brother cast member Corey Brooks (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

The next HG called in to get their new costume is Paul.  He reveals his new Secret Agent suit that he must wear for the next week.  In addition to wearing the suit, he must secure five checkpoints throughout the BB house each time the red alert goes off…morning, noon and you guessed it, even in the middle of the night.  Paul does wear his new outfit well.

Big Brother 18 Paul Abrahamian (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother 18 Paul Abrahamian (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

The final costume revealed from the POV competition is Paulie and his apple pie ensemble, if you will.  He is not very happy about having to bake apple pies sporadically for the rest of the summer either.  The other HGs are surely getting a good kick out of this.  To add insult to injury, Paulie must stand next to the oven and wave the Zingbot flag the entire time while the pie is baking.  Can we just say…Karma is a bitch, Paulie.  After all the nasty remarks he has made to most of the HGs, and while he is breaking down in tears again, Natalie is the first HG to comfort him.  Now she is a stand-up kind of girl.  Major kudos to Natalie.

Big Brother 18 Paulie Calafiore (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother 18 Paulie Calafiore (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Just as the POV ceremony is about to begin, Paul’s secret service red alert alarm is triggered.  Paul must pat down every HG and secure all five checkpoints in the Big Brother house.  Once Paul has fulfilled his secret service duties, the ceremony continues.  Victor begins by telling Paulie that this is really between the two of them.  He explains that during their conversations, it has become difficult to separate emotions from strategy.  Victor continues by telling Paulie that he still remembers what Paulie once told him and that was…I can forgive, but I can never forget. With that said, Victor does not use the POV, and the meeting is adjourned.

Victor is on cloud 9 now that his plan for the week is almost complete.  He can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This week more than any other week this summer has held so true that EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED as Paulie went from supreme ruler of the house to just a few hours from being evicted to the jury house.  The only hope Paulie has left is that he holds the round trip ticket.  Can you imagine the HGs reactions if Julie Chen reveals Paulie does in fact have the round trip ticket and comes right back into the house tomorrow night?

Now this is getting good, and this is exactly what us Big Brother fans live for each season.  Do you think Paulie has the roundtrip ticket?  Do you think there is any chance Paulie will not be voted out tomorrow night?  Is there any chance Corey will be evicted tomorrow instead of Paulie?  Let’s start the conversation below.  Tune in tomorrow night for answers to these questions and many more on BIIIIIIIIG BROTHER!


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