Big Brother 18 Showmances: Everyone’s Hooking Up! 7/12/2016

It finally happened, America! On Sunday’s episode of CBS Big Brother 18, we finally saw some more existence of the showmances within the house. A small segment of the episode was dedicated to showcasing the evolution of Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel’s showmance, along with Natalie Negrotti and James Huling’s flirtmance.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 2

Plus, of course, on the Live Feeds we are still watching the evolution of #Zaulie (Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore) and the odd relationship of Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Acquisto.

In the Diary Room, Nicole has admitted that she never came into the house looking for love, but with Corey in there, things have changed. Although she may not be in love, Corey has certainly made it more difficult for her gameplay. Nicole joked that she wished Corey didn’t distract her by being flirty, but it almost appeared she’d be open to officially claiming a showmance further down the stretch.

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Corey and Nicole stayed up all night together just mindlessly talking about all topics. They even discussed taking each other to the very end at final two. Nicole told Corey that her ideal final four scenario would be Zakiyah Everette, Paulie Calafiore, Corey, and herself to battle it out for the win.

Big Brother 18 Showmances

While the two laid out in the hammock in the backyard discussing, strategy and friends back home, production came on and told them to head inside. The two sauntered back at almost seven in the morning and decided to head to bed. Because Nicole and her entire team are have-nots for the week, the two have had to sleep in the have-not beds, consisting of bumper cars. Corey being so tall, is already complaining about his sleeping conditions because he can barely even fit in them.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 1

Eventually after the two of them settled into bed, Nicole decided that she was scared. The other night in the London room, Tiffany Rousso claimed to see a ghostly figure standing over Michelle Meyer and Nicole as they slept. Since then, a lot of the girls, including Nicole have been avoiding the room entirely. Being generous, Corey offered half of his bumper car for Nicole to join him in so that he could protect her from any ghostly spirits that may materialize in the room. Once safely in Corey’s bumper, the two fell asleep until Nicole decided that there wasn’t enough room and moved back over to her own bed.

Meanwhile, Paulie and Zakiyah’s relationship is still steamy and as hot as ever. Not only do the two cook together, cuddle, and play footsie, but things got even steamier last night on the feeds.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 4

Approaching midnight, the boys (Corey, Paul Abrahamian, Paulie, and James) decided to do a little strip tease routine for Zakiyah and the other girls since it’s her 25th birthday.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 5

The girls were elated, screaming and cheering on the boys as they did a little dance and stripped off their clothes, but when their routine was done, a lap dance was demanded for Zakiyah. Granting her wish, Paulie romantically lifted Zakiyah from her seat, and placed her in the center chair in the room. Paulie made sure to give Zakiyah a memorable birthday as he gyrated and danced around her causing her to blush and laugh. It’s easy to say that Zakiyah had a very good start to her birthday with her lap dance.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 2

Later on in the day, Paulie did Zakiyah’s laundry as a good gesture for her birthday. While Zakiyah sat in the Tokyo room to do her makeup, Paulie folded and sorted all of Zakiyah’s clothing for her as another birthday gift. Later that evening, Paulie was taking a nap and Zaulie fans went crazy when Zakiyah leaned over and kissed Paulie on the cheek.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 7

While the fans may be all about #Zaulie, Paulie’s brother Cody Calafiore is not so pleased with his brother getting into a showmance.

James and Natalie’s flirtmance/showmance also continues to blossom. While lying in bed together the two expressed how much they liked one another. “Your hands down my favorite person,” Natalie smiled. “Don’t let that get out,” James was quick to reply. Natalie swore to James that she would tell him if anyone said anything bad about him.

In the Showmance segment on Sunday’s episode, Natalie made it clear in her DR that in the outside world James would totally be her type. Even James in his own DR admitted that he loves to flirt with Natalie and make her laugh. James and Natalie love to get in GT time (Girl Talk) along with some of the other girls in the house.

Big Brother 18 Showmances 8

Natalie confessed that James makes her feel good and she hopes that she makes him feel good. It’s apparent in her DR’s that she wants something more to come out of their flirtmance but is willing to give it time to develop naturally.

Last and possibly least, we have had a little bit of showmancy activity between Paul and Bronte going on as well. However, it doesn’t seem like true love going on between these too. The two of them have been cuddling and rubbing on each other (and Paul apparently felt up Bronte’s ‘side boob’ although she seems to regret that).

However, Bronte told Natalie that although Paul looks good, she’s not really that attracted to him and would never date him. From what she’s been saying on the Live Feeds, her showmancing with Paul really seems far more about strategy than anything else. Plus, she apparently feels left out not being in a showmance of her own. Bronte thinks Paul is just so into her, but he’s said on camera that he really couldn’t care less if she gets evicted.

So what showmance are you rooting for? Are you a Zaulie fan? A Nicorey shipper? Or are you pulling for Jatalie? Leave your comments below!