Big Brother 18 Preview: Can Paulie Save His Game Tonight?

The balance of power can change drastically inside the Big Brother 18 house with the blink of an eye. That is exactly what we witnessed as Paulie Calafiore’s reign as King of the house came to an abrupt end in the last episode.

Big Brother 18 cast member Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)
Big Brother 18 cast member Paulie Calafiore (Source CBS)

Paulie had been sitting pretty as the puppet master calling almost all of the shots until the house began to see his true colors.  They also put two and two together and revealed the gazillion deals he had made with practically every player in the house.

Michelle Meyer and Bridgette Dunning were the first to make these revelations, and when they started screaming it from the rooftops to the other houseguests (HG), Paulie’s days have been numbered. His only saving grace at this point in the game is to win the Power of Veto (POV) tonight and save himself from the Nomination Block.  In addition to Michelle and Bridgette calling out Paulie to all the HGs about his dictatorship rule in the Big Brother house, Paulie did a fine job of blowing his own game up rather quickly.

Once Natalie Negrotti realized that Paulie’s showmance girl Zakiyah Everette was sure to be evicted, Natalie felt it necessary to share with Zakiyah the side of Paulie she had seen when alone with him.  Of course, Zakiyah ran to Paulie with the information and Paulie had to do the quick step with Zakiyah and think real fast on his feet. Not only did Zakiyah approach Paulie about his ‘flirtatious’ behavior, but James (Natalie’s showmance) went to Paulie to respect the honor of his girl like a true southern gentleman. That is when Paulie could no longer take the pressure, and he cracked right down the middle.

Like a snake backed into a corner, Paulie spewed venom directly at Natalie calling her as fake as those things on her chest. Yep, Paulie went there.  Natalie confronted Paulie in front of all the HGs and honestly, Paulie left that battle looking like an immature little boy that got mad and decided to take his ball and go home. This was the final straw that broke Paulie’s back and put the target squarely on him for immediate eviction.

Once Victor Arroyo won the Head of Household (HOH) competiton, the stars were perfectly aligned to evict Paulie.  Revenge is a dish best served cold, as the saying goes, or as Victor should say to Paulie for evicting him back in week 2 of Big Brother.  Victor can finally get his revenge against Paulie for evicting him earlier in the game, even though Victor fought his way back into the the Big Brother house in the Battle Back competition in week 5.

The only saving grace Paulie has at this point in the Big Brother 18 house is to win the POV and force Victor to name a replacement nominee to the Block. That’s a lot of pressure for Paulie, but he has proven himself to be a competition beast. Don’t count him out quite yet. Tune in tonight to see who will win the golden Power of Veto and if Paulie is able to save himself from the Block.

As seen in the CBS preview video of this week’s episode, we have more accusations and mud slinging coming our way. In addition, Zingbot makes a politically incorrect appearance to the HGs this week.  All I can say is that I can’t wait to hear what Zingbot has to say to Michelle with all of her emotional outbursts inside the house this season.  Those should be some ‘zings’ for the ages.  We also get an additional episode of Big Brother this week as an extra episode is scheduled to air Friday evening.  This episode will most likely revolve around this week’s America’s Care Package (ACP) as voting ends Friday morning.  The winner of the ACP is entitled to co-HOH duties including the ability to nominate one of the two nominees to the Block.  Any way you look at it, this is going to be a thrilling week for Big Brother fans.



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