Thanks to a handful of skill and a truckload of luck, Paul Abrahamian won the “Perfect Shot” competition which granted him the power of Head of Household (HOH) this week. He felt confident that this was a perfect week to be HOH as the house already voiced they wanted to vote out the remaining member of “Fridgette”.


He felt as though voting out Bridgette would be an easy week with little or no blood on his hands with Bridgette’s closest ally, Frank Eudy, evicted from the BB house last week. However, Paul’s best buddy Paulie wanted to try and convince Paul that there may be bigger fish to fry in the house this week.

Paul was left with deciding who he wanted to place on the Block next to Bridgette, and he decided he needed a pawn to insure Bridgette’s eviction this week. After approaching Nicole Frankel with the suggestion of being this week’s pawn, Nicole started to freak out with the idea of becoming a pawn and more importantly, putting her game in danger.

As soon as Nicole started crumbling with the idea of becoming the second nomination to the Block, Paulie Calafiore swooped in to save the day. Paulie assured Paul he would act as the pawn this week, but little did Paul know that Paulie had other ideas as to who would be the target for eviction this week.

Once Paulie was nominated to the Block next to Bridgette, Paulie could start working the house, as well as Paul, about the idea of a backdoor plan for the week. Paulie feels as though Da’Vonne Rogers is always opening her mouth, stirring the pot and can no longer be trusted in the house and must be the next houseguest (HG) evicted. He thinks Bridgette is a different player now that her partner in crime, Frank, has been evicted. He actually thinks Bridgette can be used to gain more votes in the house and sees no reason for her eviction at this juncture in the game.

The only way for Paulie to put his plan into motion is win the Power of Veto (POV), save himself from the Block, and then convince Paul to nominate Day to the Block as the replacement nominee. If Day is nominated the Block, then it will be up to the HGs to decide to evict either Day or Bridgette. Tonight’s episode will feature the POV competition that will dictate whether this will be a simple Bridgette eviction, or if Paulie can pull of a POV win and add some drama to the game this week with a backdoor plan.


Don’t forget that voting for this week’s America’s Care Package closes Friday, August 5 at 10AM PST. The winner of the vote will have the ability to eliminate two eviction votes from the game next week. This will not apply to this week’s eviction. Vote carefully. Once a HG has won a care package, they can’t be selected again to win. For more voting details, please visit

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