Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 10 Block Nominations (09/10/21)

Kyland Young is once again the Head of Household. This is his third time in power, and now he only has Cookout members to target, which means he can nominate whomever he wants without worry about the consequences of upsetting or messing up the Cookout’s plans. It’s been pretty well known that once the Cookout got to the final six, it would be the Cookout women vs the Cookout men.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

That’s exactly what we’re going to see this week. Xavier Prather, Derek Fraiser, and Kyland all want Tiffany Mitchell gone this week. There was a little bit of hope that Kyland wouldn’t target Tiffany last week because she worked hard to gain some loyalty with him. However, once Hannah Chaddha nominated Kyland for eviction double eviction, that seems to have killed any hope of a Hannah, Tiffany, and Kyland final three.

Additionally, the Cookout men have had a final three deal for quite a while. Xavier has been throwing Kyland’s name under the bus left and right, but Kyland still wants to remain loyal to Xavier, which could very well be a game-losing move. 

Last night, the Cookout men once again spoke about being loyal to one another and taking out the women. Azah Awasum is the woman that the guys are least threatened by, so she will only see the block if Hannah or Tiffany lose the Veto competition.

So who did Kyland nominate for eviction this week? Read below to find out!



Kyland nominated Tiffany and Hannah for eviction. 

Tiffany really needs the Veto or she will be the first member of the Cookout to join the jury. We’ll see how it all plays out tomorrow.

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