Big Brother 24 Episode 22 Recap: Were Leftovers Served At The Afterparty?

One of the biggest twists in Big Brother history is in the rearview mirror, and the time has come to bring things back to normal. Well, at least normal in Big Brother’s terms. Last week during the double eviction event, Jasmine Davis and Joseph Abdin were evicted from the Big Brother 24 house to the jury house.

BB24 Matt Turner

A new Head of Household will be crowned tonight, and nominations will be made to the block for eviction. We will also get to see what happens when the Leftovers alliance and the newly formed Afterparty alliance come back together. Will the Leftovers remain in control, or will the Afterparty take over the Big Brother 24 house? Let’s find out.

Big Brother 24 Week 7 Evictions Aftermath

Now that Big Brochella and Dyre Fest are over, the two separated groups of Big Brother 24 houseguests are back together again in the house. While at Dyre Fest, Kyle Capener gave up the Leftovers alliance to Alyssa Snider and Terrance Higgins; however, the final four outside created the Afterparty alliance.

Inside, they stayed true to the Leftover alliance and evicted the only non-member of the group, Jasmine. Now the two groups have come back together.

As soon as the houseguests reunite, questions immediately arise regarding how Joseph was evicted when the Leftovers had the majority vote at Dyre Fest. Taylor Hale broke down in tears when she realized Joe was gone and could not even hug him goodbye.

Kyle completely blames Joseph and his actions for giving up information about the Leftovers outside. He tried to play stupid, but at the same time, he kept saying, “unless Joseph spilled the beans.” Both Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes were leery of his story about the week outside at Dyre Fest.

Week 8 Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Carna Small and is a Big Brother favorite. The houseguests must stack 21 micro energy drink cans in a pyramid with tweezers. The first one to finish wins the HOH for the week. A very steady hand is absolutely needed to win this competition.


After a grueling competition and a few missed steps along the way, Matt Turner ended up finishing stacking his cans properly in the fastest time. He is the second houseguest to repeat HOH wins this season.

This week, Turner is in an interesting position as he is a member of both alliances, the Leftovers and the Afterparty. He will have to show his cards at some point this week. Kyle is also a member of both alliances, and Kyle and Turner have a final two-pact agreement together.

During a private conversation Between Kyle and Turner in the HOH room, Turner suggested he nominate Alyssa and Terrance to the block. That is Kyle’s worst nightmare. He immediately told Turner that Monte Taylor was a much bigger threat than Alyssa and Terrance, and they needed to target Monte before he ran the game on them.

Monte and Turner had a conversation in the HOH room that started with Turner telling Monte about the smaller group within the Leftovers that did not include him. Once Monte was given that info, he decided to tell Turner that he and Kyle were on the bottom of the list with the Leftovers, and Michael and Brittany were not afraid to take a shot at either of them if the situation arose.

Turner wasn’t sure what to believe or which alliance to align with at this point in the Big Brother 24 game. His block nominations should indicate which way he intends to show his loyalty now.

Week 8 Block Nominations Ceremony

At the nominations ceremony, Turner nominated Taylor and Brittany. He explained to the house that Joseph told him during Dyre Fest that Joe told him Taylor asked Joe and Brittany to go into a final three together. Turner said he felt left out, which was why his nominations are this way this week.

Of course, Joe never said this to Turner. Turner has drawn a clear line in the sand that the Leftovers are finished. Taylor is destroyed that Joe would protect her so much and then throw her under the bus like this. She doesn’t feel like it makes any sense.

There is still a veto to play. Join us on Wednesday, August 31 at 8 PM EST for the veto competition and ceremony.

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