Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Brittany And Michael Expose Kyle

It has been a busy weekend in the Big Brother 24 house. Things really kick off on Friday when Head of Household Matt Turner nominates Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale for eviction. His entire plan for the week is to backdoor Michael Bruner. This plan gets smashed into a thousand messy pieces when Michael wins the Power of Veto.

Brittany Hoopes, Michael Bruner, and Matt Turner on Big Brother 24

Once Brittany and Michael know that they are safe, they set a plan in motion to expose some of the things Kyle Capener had done in the game. They specifically want to bring up the fact that he believed that another Cookout was happening between the players of color.

CBS shows Kyle’s incorrect assumptions in one of the recent Big Brother 24 episodes.  Kyle had no real evidence to support this theory about a new Cookout, especially because they have actively targeted and nominated other houseguests that are Black.

It was all based on the assumption that this happened once,  so then it could happen again. Michael and Brittany had this information for a while but decided to wait for this week’s Veto results to share this information to blow up Kyle’s game.

This decision, at least somewhat, had to do with Michael being upset that he knew Kyle and Turner’s whole plan for the week was to backdoor him. Brittany and he also later talk about them feeling the need to share this information. They want to stand for something bigger than the game. 

Matt Turner and Michael Bruner Big Brother 24

On Saturday, Michael and Brittany decide to expose everything Kyle has said about another potential Cookout to Monte Taylor and Taylor first. Then they would tell the rest of the house. On Sunday, they share with Monte and Taylor what Kyle has been saying. 

Unfortunately, the feeds stay off this conversation, so we don’t see it happen live. However, we later see Michael and Brittany fill in Alyssa Snider about everything going on with Kyle. They also clarify some of the Leftover stuff that she heard about from Kyle (but the Afterparty has been claiming Joseph Abdin told them).

Eventually, Michael and Brittany make their way to tell Turner what they know about Kyle. He is shocked but laser-focused on taking out Taylor this week because he sees her as a threat to his game. Turner cites her making end plans without him as the main reason for wanting her gone. He is convinced that she’ll come after him next.

However, Turner expresses being open to nominating Kyle this week but would prefer that Taylor still goes to the jury. He also wants some feedback from Brittany and Michael, because he knows their relationship is now shaky. Turner wants to do whatever helps repair that and keeps him from being their target.

Big Brother 24 Kyle Capener

He also asks if Taylor leaving this week would upset them. There is a lot of skirting around what Michael and Brittany want until they say they want Kyle on the block and out. When the conversation ends, Turner is still unsure of what to do but leans more towards nominating Kyle.

He likely becomes sold on the idea after a talk with Monte who expresses some hurt and frustrations to learn all this about Kyle. By the time the conversation ends, Turner is ready to nominate Kyle. 

Prior to his conversation with Turner, Monte also shares what he learns about the Cookout 2.0 story with Terrance Higgins. Terrance is also upset to learn that Kyle has put all the Black people and people of color together. 

Monte, Terrance, and Alyssa eventually all talk together about it. She assures them that this isn’t the Kyle she knows and doesn’t share any of those beliefs. 

Big Brother 24-Monte Taylor and Terrance Higgins

While Brittany and Michael went around telling people about Kyle, Kyle at one point talked to Alyssa. She delicately leads him to realize that he may be labeled as a racist (his words, not mine). He kept saying that he had to leave the game if this is what they were saying to people.

Kyle talks about this going beyond the game. Alyssa encourages him to just go talk to houseguests and offer his side of things. Kyle then stays in the Diary Room for a while. He eventually returns to talk to Michael, but this is also not shown on the feeds.

Going into Monday’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony, it seems set for Kyle to go up as Brittany’s replacement. He’s also now almost guaranteed to leave on Thursday. 

This is a sensitive subject and one I highly encourage people to watch play out on feeds, if possible. Therefore, below I have attached a tweet that points out where to flashback to see it all happen on feeds. 

Big Brother 24 Logo

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