Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 8 Competition Results (08/27/22)

Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, and Michael Bruner find themselves now at the bottom after living in luxury last week. However, this isn’t a new position for them. Big Brother 24 started with them all being left out. Now, the Afterparty, run by former Leftovers Kyle Capener and Matt Turner wants one of them out this week. Michael would be their preferred target. However, Turner nominated Brittany and Taylor as a way to backdoor Michael.

Big Brother 24 Veto

They were all told a story about recently evicted houseguest Joseph Abdin betraying them. He told the Dyre Fest crew a lot of information, including that they have a final three deal and wanted him to join as a fourth.

Turner, Kyle, and others tried to sell this story, but Michael, Brittany, and Taylor suspect that this is all an elaborate plan to cover up the newly formed alliance. They are right. Monte Taylor also heavily hints at this to them.

Monte finds himself in a good position this week to play the middle. And that’s exactly what he has been doing. The Afterparty believe that he’s with them, and Taylor, Brittany, and Michael feel that he may be in danger with them. They all believe he could be the backdoor option if Michael isn’t it.

Going into today’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Competition, the plan is to take off either Brittany or Taylor, so that the Veto can be used to backdoor Michael. If Michael wins the Veto, then he will take off Brittany, and Taylor becomes the target.

So who won this week’s critical Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Competition? Read below to find out.



Michael won the Veto!

This means that he has saved himself from a backdoor. He will also likely use it on Brittany, forcing Turner to nominate someone else. Likely, unless something drastic happens, Taylor is now the target.


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