Big Brother Over the Top: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (11/1/16)

Big Brother Over the Top started this week with the Late Night Jamboree fans very worried about the current head of household Danielle Lickey not having any power. America gave Shelby Stockton this week’s BBOTT care package. The package voided three votes, which could have been the difference between a Big Brother Over the Top Late Night Jamboree member going home or a Ball Smashers member going home.


Unfortunately, America was not on the Ball Smashers’ side when picking the nominee. They chose Scott Dennis, who is on team Ball Smashers. This really stacked the deck against team Ball Smashers. Then yesterday, Danielle also won the Big Brother Over the Top veto.

She debated what to do with the veto. If she wanted to take out a true Ball Smasher (Shelby, Whitney, Alex Willett, or Morgan Willett), she would have to keep Whitney and Shelby on the block, and remove Scott. If she wanted to just get rid of Scott, she could take off no one.

Justin Duncan and Jason Roy both wanted to keep Whitney safe, to possibly work with her in the future. The best way to ensure that she stayed safe was to remove her and put up a replacement. The only problem with this plan was that it got more blood on Danielle’s hand.

It also put her in a bad spot with her alliance, because with one extra number, Danielle might be a tempting evictee, due to comp wins and them not enjoying her personality as much as the rest of their alliance.


In the end, Danielle trusted Jason’s advice. She used the veto to remove Whitney, and nominated Morgan as a replacement. This sent the Ball Smashers scrambling. It immediately made them lose trust in Whitney. At the moment, the plan is to evict Scott, but anything can happen to shift the tides in favor of evicting Morgan or Shelby.

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