Big Brother 2013 CastThe Big Brother spoilers for the week 1 Most Valuable Player are out! We thought maybe CBS would try to keep it secret until at least the next show and forbid the named MVP from revealing who they were on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Looks like that’s not the case though, and we know who won America’s vote for this week and will get to nominate a third person for eviction.

Just as a refresher on the whole Big Brother Most Valuable Player twist, here’s how it works. America will vote each week for their favorite player. Whoever is selected by the fans will be secretly informed that they have been chosen before the Power of Veto Competition. They will then cast a secret ballot to nominate an extra person to go up on the eviction block that week. Their nomination will be totally anonymous, which will certainly have a very big effect on game play.

So who won the power of the Most Valuable Player this week? Click on the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT below to find out!

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Week 8 Eviction Nominations”]

Elissa, as predicted by a large majority of fans and the other HouseGuests, was named as the week 1 MVP.

Apparently she has not been forbidden to tell whomever she wants, she just isn’t required to tell anyone and they will not be told unless she spills the beans. So she tells Head of Household McCrae, whom she is a secret alliance with (or believes she is), that she won MVP.

McCrae now has reconsidered the initial idea he had to backdoor her. Instead he has a plan to get her to nominate David instead. He says if she does get put up for a renomination, she’ll stand a good chance of not being evicted because David is such a strong player and people will want him out.

The problem is, Elissa is pissed off at Aaryn for being bitchy toward her. She’s really like to nominate Aaryn, but she should know that if she does end up on the block as a renomination pick, she won’t beat Aaryn.


Did the person you voted for win Most Valuable Player? Who do you think they will end up nominating for eviction?

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