Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 12 Highlights- Ross Debates Backdooring Shannon

Yesterday, we told you that Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi Glanville were trying to get Ross Mathews to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth on Celebrity Big Brother. The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition players believed that they would get to play the Veto competition yesterday, and then could make concrete plans. However, Big Brother was saving all the drama for tonight’s second Celebrity Big Brother live eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother-Ariadna Gutierrez and Ross Mathews

The Big Brother houseguests had a lot of downtime with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony being saved for the live show. Instead of advancing the game, the players debated eviction choices.

Brandi and Ari really want to make the big move to backdoor Shannon. However, Ross wants to do what’s best for his game: evicting Omarosa. Unfortunately, Ross’s Head of Household seems like it won’t go his way. James Maslow, Mark McGrath, and Shannon all said that they would prefer to evict Keshia Knight Pulliam over Omarosa.

They all think Keshia is a way better player, especially with Omarosa’s recent asthma attack making it hard for her to compete in physical competitions. Meanwhile, Brandi really wanted Omarosa gone just as much as Ross, so the big alliance was divided, once again.

Celebrity Big Brother-Keshia Knight Pulliam

Brandi, Ariadna, and Marissa Jaret Winokur would be the Omarosa votes, which would force a tie. With Shannon, James, and Mark not changing their mind. Ross eventually just agreed to let them all vote out Keshia.

Keshia discovered (through Marissa, and then eventually Ross) that Shannon might get backdoored and evicted. She told Ross that it was the better plan to get out Shannon, but she was okay with whatever happened.

Ross kept going back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth about taking out Shannon or not. His biggest concern was that, with Shannon gone, James would win the next Head of Household and target Ross for betraying the alliance. The rest of his alliance, tried to reassure him that this would not happen.

Celebrity Big Brother Ross Mathews and Brandi Glanville

Ross also knew that if Shannon didn’t go soon, they wouldn’t get many chances to take her out–and she would win the Celebrity Big Brother game. He was in a big pickle. Going into tonight’s second eviction, we have no clue how it all might play out. Another exciting episode on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother.

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