Big Brother 20 Episode 36 Recap: New HOH for Final Five

With just 10 days left inside the Big Brother 20 house,  fans are already starting to look forward to the 90 minute finale next Wednesday, September 26th at 8PM EST/ 7PM CST.  Tonight’s episode will feature the aftermath of the live double eviction episode last Thursday evening, and a new Head of Household will be crowned.  With only 5 houseguests remaining, Angela Rummans, Kaycee Clark, JC Moundiux, Sam Bledsoe and Tyler Crispen, who will win one of the last opportunities as HOH?

Big Brother 20 Final Five

After the new HOH is crowned in the Big Brother house tonight, they will have to make the difficult choice of deciding which 2 houseguests will be nominated to the block for eviction later this week.  Level 6 has completely controlled the Big Brother house in September and now it’s up to Sam or JC to stop that domination.  Looks like the chips are still stacked in favor of Level 6.

In addition to the HOH competition and block nominations, tonight’s episode will feature a surprise concert held in the backyard for the houseguests.  That’s right, time for some fun in the backyard for the houseguests with a concert to celebrate their play in the game so far.  Tonight’s concert will be performed by Bebe Rexha as she shares some songs from her debut album, All Your Fault.

Double Eviction Play-by-Play and Aftermath

Prior to the live eviction of Brett, once Tyler won the HOH, he had to put some major strategic maneuvering into play.  Prior to the POV competition, Tyler made sure his alliance, sans Brett, knew the plan was to blindside Brett for eviction.  Angela and Kaycee were informed and ready to make the move with Tyler.  Next, Tyler had to make sure Brett did not win the Power of Veto.  Tyler made sure to tell Brett not to win the competition and to trust him.  Brett took the bait and agreed not to win the POV competition.

Tyler also had to make sure JC and Sam were under wraps.  They both can be hot heads at times and cause trouble in the Big Brother house.  For the blindside of Brett to work, Tyler had to initially nominate JC and Sam to the block for eviction.  Sam was not pleased with her nomination as she wanted Angela evicted, and JC was even more disruptive about the move by Tyler.  JC was upset that Tyler was targeting Brett for eviction, but Tyler worked his magic and assured JC that Brett was coming after JC for eviction.

Big Brother 20

Closer to the nomination ceremony, JC pulled Tyler aside in the bathroom for a heart-to-heart.  JC won’t give up on trying to convince Tyler he is making a huge game mistake by putting him on the block with Sam.  JC kept telling Tyler that if Brett was still in the house, he wouldn’t be going on the block this week.  Tyler tries to tell him this is not true.  JC asks Tyler if he wants to take Angela to the finals with him when she is proving to be a competition beast.  Tyler keeps trying to calm down JC and tells him to trust with his game play.  Tyler has him settled down again, at least for the moment.

Head of Household Competition

The HOH competition is called BBflix and Chill.  The houseguests will be shown 3 different movie posters in each round.  Then the players will hear from a group of friends describing the type of move they wish to watch.  They must decipher from the clues made by the friends which of the 3 movies the friends all agree on watching.  The first houseguest to buzz in with the correct answer will receive one point.  The player with the most points after 7 rounds is the new HOH.

Big Brother 20 HOH

Angela jumped out to a quick 2 point lead after just 2 rounds of the game.  After 5 rounds, Angela and Sam are tied with 2 points each.  Going into the final round, Angela is in the lead by just one point.  Angela manages to hang onto her lead and wins her third HOH competition this Big Brother 20 season.

Love is in the Air

While Tyler and Angela are enjoying an alone moment in the HOH room, Angela makes a quite large confession to Tyler.  She tells him that she has a secret to share with him.  They are all alone and in the dark in the big HOH bed together.  After hemming and hawing around for a bit, Angela finally tells Tyler that she is in love with him.

Big Brother 20 Love

Tyler quickly responds that he has the same secret, implying that he is in love with her as well.  For someone that was dead set on not getting involved with a showmance, Tyler has certainly stepped in it pretty deep.  This relationship may have taken a while to develop, but we finally have a solid showmance that’s still in the Big Brother 20 house.

Bebe Rexha Backyard Concert

Bebe Rexha surprised the houseguests with a performance of her hit singles I’m A Mess and Meant To Be in the Big Brother backyard.  Sam had a very emotional reaction to the concert and broke down in tears during the event.  All in all, the houseguests really enjoyed the performance, and that was a nice break for them after enduring the double eviction.  Bebe’s performance was spectacular and very intimate for the remaining houseguests.  This will certainly be a highlight for their Big Brother 20 summer.

Big Brother 20 Bebe Rexha

Nomination Ceremony

Angela and Level 6 decide that they will obviously nominate Sam and JC to block this week as there are no other choices in the house.  Angela seems content with taking Level 6 to the final 3 without making any unpredicted moves.

Big Brother 20

As anticipated, Angela nominated Sam and JC to the block for eviction.  The plan is to target Sam for eviction this week.

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Big Brother 20

Join us again Wednesday at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the Power of Veto competition.