Big Brother 2014 Highlight: Caleb’s ‘Death Stares’ [VIDEO]

Big Brother 2014 cast member Caleb Reynolds may finally be getting over fellow Houseguest Amber Borzotra — but not in a good way. Amber has done just about everything she can to make Caleb realize that she just isn’t into him, and she is never going to be. But it didn’t seem to really start getting through to his brain until she started getting very cozy with Cody…

Big Brother 16 Cast - Caleb (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast – Caleb (CBS)

Caleb has had a huge obsession with all things Amber since practically the beginning of the season. No matter how many times or ways she tries to push him away, he just keeps coming back for more punishment. If he isn’t talking about how beautiful and awesome she is, he’s hating on her for not appreciating all he has done for her in the game.

Now, we do have to say from watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, there have been moments where Amber has sort of led him on a little – strictly for game play purposes. But by now it should be fairly obvious to the most dense guy that she has absolutely no intention of ever getting with him in any way. Now or ever.

We don’t think that really started to sink in, however, until Amber started distancing herself more and more from Caleb — while hanging out more and more with Cody. When Caleb started seeing Cody and Amber laying together in the hammock, and Cody giving Amber backrubs in the living room… well, that’s when the evil ‘death stares’ began.

Caleb isn’t just starting to get that Amber doesn’t like him that way, he’s pissed off enough about it that now he sees her and Cody as big flaming targets for his wrath. We saw some of that on Wednesday night with his ‘death stares’ at them and his confrontation with Cody about what was going on with Amber. Check out the video below to relive the drama:

There is oh so much more of Caleb’s constant Amber obsession and his growing vendetta against her and Cody on the Big Brother Live Feeds. If you haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, go ahead and sign up for a two-day free trial and check out what you’ve been missing!


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