Big Brother 2014 Highlight: Donny Comforts Crying Jocasta [VIDEO]

While we were watching the Big Brother 2014 cast on Wednesday night, there were several moments we were nearly brought to tears! One of the biggest was when Donny, after winning the Power of Veto, told a very sick Jocasta that she was “not going home” this week.

Big Brother 16 - Donny & Jocasta (CBS)
Big Brother 16 – Donny & Jocasta (CBS)

Poor Jocasta, who was so ill she was throwing up all over the house, couldn’t play in the Power of Veto Competition for herself. Even though it was unlikely she might go home this week with bigger targets in play, she certainly had to be stressed out at not even being able to try to save herself. So when Donny offered to take his friend off the block if he won PoV, we thought it was a beautifully sweet gesture.

We never doubted for a minute that Donny would keep his word to take Jocasta off the block if he won the Power of Veto. Some of the other Houseguests may have been suspicious of whether or not Donny would live up to his promise, but we totally believed he would do it!

When Donny tells Jocasta that he’s won the PoV and she is safe for the week, we just about bawled along with her at his loyalty and sweetness. Rewatch one of the most emotional moments of the Big Brother 2014 season so far below!

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