In his Big Brother 2014 Head of Household video this week, Derrick Levasseur talks about the hardest part of being in the house. No, it’s not the possibility of eating slop and taking cold showers as a Have-Not. Or living in a pigsty created by yourself and the other Houseguests.

Big Brother 16 Cast - Derrick (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Cast – Derrick (CBS)

For Derrick, the most difficult thing about being in the Big Brother 16 house is, of course, missing his family. The second hardest part is just dealing with all the downtime where very little is happening.

If you watch the Big Brother Live Feeds, you know that there is a lot of great stuff that goes on that never gets aired on the CBS show. But between all the drama, fights, and silly moments, there is quite a bit of just sitting around going stir crazy.

Derrick says “there is a lot of time where you just get to think and the littlest rumor can fester into something it’s not.” We’ve certainly seen that happen more times than we can count inside the Big Brother house! Check out what else Derrick has to say in his week 3 Head of Household video below:

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