Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 69: Tommy Becomes the Topic of Focus

It looks like Tommy Bracco’s nearly stellar gameplay is starting to get some very big cracks in it. First, he told Nick Maccarone that he couldn’t vote for him to stay over Christie Murphy. He had already promised her his vote. Nick let that simmer in his head and now he’s not-so pleased with his once strong bromance.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 69-1

Nick ranted to Nicole Anthony about how Tommy betrayed him, and how he also betrayed former allies Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera. Nick was so pissed at Tommy, and Cliff Hogg III that he said that he didn’t respect their games. He discussed not giving them a hug bye.

Nick continued to rant about how he couldn’t understand why everyone was keeping Christie Murphy in the game, and he didn’t see how Holly Allen and Jackson Michie expected to survive together much longer. He said that next week would be critical for them. It would either send one of them out, or it would possibly secure their places in the final three. He said he knew last week was critical for him, and he needed to keep Analyse.

After her talk with Nick, Nicole tried to make Holly and Jackson see how much more dangerous Christie was in the game than Nick. They listened but ultimately said they were both dangerous, but Nick was more of an immediate threat to them. Holly told Nicole that ideally, Christie would go out next week.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 69-2

Nicole also mentioned how Tommy alluded to targeting Jackson and Holly, which surprised Holly. Jackson also mentioned that if Jessica Milagros was going to take a shot at Tommy, then she rather her win next week’s Head of Household, because that meant the four (Holly, Nicole, Cliff, and himself) could all play in the following HOH competition.

When not campaigning, the houseguests continued to enjoy Prank Week, with a condom balloon fight, more pies in the face, a rehashing of Holly’s song, and some pool time. The houseguest also got a visit from clowns as part of Prank Week.

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