Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/26/19)

This Prankster week is turning out to be another flop week. We mean flop in terms of the big twist panning out to do absolutely nothing for entertainment or further anyone’s games. Nick Maccarone was granted the Big Brother Prankster power. He had a chance to use it to try to save his place in the game, and he did make one of the best plays with it he could—he nominated his biggest enemy and one of the biggest game threats. He just underestimated how the other Big Brother 21 houseguests saw him. He was sure he had the votes of his friends Tommy Bracco and Nicole Anthony. This just meant he needed one more vote to stay.

Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony

However, he has no idea of the history and close relationship Tommy and Christie Murphy had before the game. This means that Tommy is going to be more loyal to her 9 times out of 10. Nicole might be the only one truly loyal to Nick, but she’s more loyal to Cliff Hogg III, and he right now wants to be loyal to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. The showmance wants Nick out.

On Saturday, Nick realized that his only hope for staying might be to strike a deal to get his enemy off the block. He tried to pitch to Holly and Jackson to take off Christie, so that he could nominate Jessica Milagros and they could get her out.

They said no deal. They plan to keep Christie and Nick on the block and let them fight it out on Thursday.

So did Jackson keep nominations the same, or did he decide to change them this Big Brother 21 week?



Jackson did not used the Veto. On Thursday, either Christie or Nick will become the fourth member of the Big Brother 21 jury, or will it be a fake out eviction?

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