Big Brother 21 Week 9 Alliance Updates: Have Holly and Jackson Become the Most Powerful Duo?

We are now at week nine inside the Big Brother 21 house with only eight houseguests remaining. Holly Allen just won Head of Household, and was the first HOH repeat winner of the season. In addition to her wins, her showmance partner Jackson Michie was presiding over the house as HOH the week prior, so the power couple have been in charge for two straights weeks now. At this late point in the game, that’s pretty impressive.

Big Brother 21

In addition to their obvious alliance together, they have managed to become quite close with Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony. Michie and Cliff have spoken of a final four that they both seemed anxious to embrace, should the game work out that way. With Holly’s HOH win, albeit somewhat underscored by Nick Maccarone’s prankster power, and Michie’s Power of Veto win, the couple have the most powerful position in the game…at the moment.

Michie and Cliff have become very close in the game, as of late. With Cliff comes Nicole as she is being very heavily protected by Cliff. Poor Nicole has the worst luck in Big Brother history: She has never been randomly picked to play in one single POV competition. Fans have gone back to Big Brother 7, when the random chance started for the POV, and the numbers do not lie. Nicole officially has the worst luck when it comes to the POV competition.

Holly nominated Nick to the block this week, and Nick used his prankster power to secretly nominate Christie Murphy to the block. Nick’s power became useless when Michie won the POV and decided to keep the nominations the same for HOH Holly. Nick really messed up an opportunity to use his secret power prior to the POV competition to get back in good with Michie and Holly. He waited until after he lost the comp to come clean about the power when it was just too late. No new alliance formed as a result. Nick is basically on an island all alone now without many options left in his game.

Big Brother 21 Nick Maccarone

Tommy Bracco has promised his vote this week to keep Chrisitie, his aunt’s former girlfriend. (let’s not get into that mess Big Brother made right now.) Tommy and Christie are still as thick as thieves, but Tommy has made sure to stay close with Michie/Holly lately as well. Christie is on the block thanks to Nick, but Holly had already approached her to be a pawn this week. No harm, no foul for Christie. Holly wants Nick gone and that looks to be the most likely outcome this week barring a miracle. Those are known to happen and did just last week saving Christie from imminent eviction.

Jessica Milagros just seems to be floating her way through right now. She has become very close with Christie and still remains tight with Nicole. She is definitely not a threat in the house, but her vote does count. We are finally getting down to the nitty gritty inside the Big Brother 21 house now. The relationships and alliances made throughout the season mean more than ever now.

There have not been many alliance changes this week, but the game requires just a slight change in power to pivot the entire house into chaos. Now we get to watch and see if the deals made all season long will stand up to the Big Brother end game. Stay tuned!

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