Big Brother 18 Tonight: Can Power of Veto Save Meech’s Game?

After finally winning a Head of Household (HOH) this season, Nicole Franzel and her showmance companion Corey Brooks are sitting pretty this week in the Big Brother 18 house.  Not only do they have the HOH perks thanks to Nicole, but Corey somehow managed to win America’s Care Package (ACP) this week to give them more safety and a special advantage in the game.

Big Brother Cast Members (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Cast Members (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Now the duo must decide how to solidify their Block nominations by using the $5,000 bribe money awarded to Corey as to insure their target, Michelle Meyer, goes to the jury house this week.

Once Victor Arroyo returned to the Big Brother game for an unprecedented second time, Nicole and Corey made a secret alliance deal with him and Paul Abrahamian, calling themselves the Final Four. Their deal is to get all four of them to be the last four houseguests (HG) standing in the game.  Evicting Michelle this week will leave them with only two other targets standing in their way to finalize their plan with Paul and Victor.  Those two left standing in the way of course are James Huling and Natalie Negrotti.

Michelle has not been quiet about her desires to have Nicole evicted from the game as soon as the opportunity presented itself to her. Let’s not forget back a few weeks ago when Michelle was certain she was being evicted, she called out Nicole’s game play and referred to her as a snake. Nicole did not want to pass up this chance to evict someone that she knows is gunning for her in the game. Consequently, the Big Meech is the target this week for eviction.

In order to keep the Final Four alliance a secret, Paul offered Nicole to be her pawn this week and be nominated to the Block as the second nominee. This plan was so that James and Natalie did not suspect a deal between Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul.  As of Sunday night’s show, James was completely oblivious to their plan and assumed his final four deal with Nicole, Corey, and Natalie was still intact.

The Power of Veto (POV) will determine whether or not Nicole’s plan to target Michelle for eviction this week will come to fruition.  Also, how will Corey decide to use the final ACP bribe?  Will he use it to help Nicole evict Michelle or will he use it as a decoy to keep his newly formed final four deal with Victor and Paul a secret? Tune in to find out who Santa and his elves give the golden POV to tonight on Big Brother.


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