Big Brother 18: Is Michelle Meyer Stealing From Houseguests? [REPORT – UPDATE]

Is Michelle Meyer stealing from the other Big Brother 18 houseguests in order to sell their belongings on eBay after the show is over? Or are Big Brother fans making much out of a joking comment Michelle said to Natalie Negrotti on the Big Brother Live Feeds? There do seem to be a lot of items that have gone missing according to the houseguests, but is there any real proof Michelle has actually been stealing them with the intention of making a profit off her acquisitions?


The controversy over whether or not Michelle Meyer might be hiding away items from the houseguests seems to have really blown up due to several reports by Live Feeds viewers on Saturday about something Michelle said to Natalie Negrotti. On multiple websites and on Twitter, various Live Feeds fan recappers posted variations of the phrase ‘Michelle says she has items from each houseguest and will sell them online when she gets home.’

This led to a frenzy of reports on Facebook and Twitter that Big Meech had confessed to ‘stealing’ items from the other houseguests with the plan to profit from them. A lot of past statements from various houseguests regarding missing items, and Michelle at least temporarily having her hands on several other player’s belongings, just fueled the fire. We initially reported on this outrage earlier today, but due to technical issues were unable to rewind the Live Feeds to watch for ourselves. Now we’ve been able to track down more info for an update, thanks to some help from our readers!

Here are a few of the initial reports from Live Feeds recappers back on Saturday on and Morty’s TV Facebook feed:


Everybody has reportedly been missing items and looking for their stuff for quite a while on Big Brother 18. From what we’ve been able to glean from the Live Feeds directly, and Feedsters adding things up on Twitter, here’s some of the list: Natalie has blamed Zakiyah Everette for stealing her dress, and eyelashes. Bridgette Dunning was mad because she said Frank Eudy was looking for shirts before he left. Zakiyah’s romper, shirt and dress went missing before eviction, and she was upset and spoke to Paulie Calafiore and Nicole Franzel about it. Nicole noticed pieces of her bathing suits were missing. James Huling’s hoodie and jacket also vanished. Paul is missing his $300 sunglasses, Corey missing his sunglasses and shorts, and Da’vonne was looking for a shirt when she left but took Paul’s instead.

Big Brother 18 fan blogger @BBCocoBear has been among those particularly interested in what’s been going on and reporting on the subject.

So when the statement was reported that Michelle had ‘items from each HG’ and planned to sell them, that immediately combined with all the missing item reports to start a firestorm. This only got worse with reports that James Huling found his sweatshirt wadded up in Michelle’s bag, and she got upset over him going through her stuff. Michelle has told everyone very adamantly to stay away from her bags, making it seem somewhat suspicious she might be hiding things in them. Plus, Michelle previously admitted on the Live Feeds back on August 13 in a conversation with Paul Abrahamian and Natalie that she was arrested for shoplifting at JC Penny when she was a teenager. So one could see how the assumptions started being made that Michelle was indeed taking stuff from the other houseguests. Even former houseguests have jumped on the bandwagon.

But is Michelle actually guilty of stealing stuff from the other players? Several of our Twitter followers were able to get the Live Feeds rewind to work (since we couldn’t) and actually research the quoted timestamp for us based on the reports of what Michelle said to Natalie on Saturday. (Thank you to @NotJohnFincher – regardless of the nasty language dude, LOL – and @Human_Frailty for the help.) Turns out the actual quote Michelle said was: “I’m so glad I have everyone’s DNA samples after this season. I’m going to sell them on eBay.”

Well, now, that’s a far cry from Michelle saying, as she was quoted on various sites and Twitter in mass, that she ‘has items from every houseguest and will sell them online when she gets home.’

However, it is still true that all season long people have been complaining of items going missing. Just a few days ago, Nicole started really getting concerned because it was all the bottoms to her bathing suits. She told Paul and Victor, and Paul mentioned his $300 sunglasses and sweatshirt hoodie were missing. Victor said a ‘lot of stuff’ is going missing lately.


When Paul and Michelle got in that big fight that CBS Big Brother showed on Sunday’s TV episode, and they bleeped Paul out calling Michelle a name, it was over Paul looking for his shirt. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, Michelle told him if he went near her bags again she’d burn all his clothes and that’s what prompted Paul to call her a name. Michelle also went off on James when he opened her bag and found his sweatshirt wadded up in there. Tiffany was searching for a shirt the day she left, which Michelle ended up wearing on TV later during Double Eviction night. Meech was laughing before the show on the Live Feeds that she took the shirt from Tiffany’s bag before she left, and wondered what Tiffany thought about seeing her wear it on TV, and thought it was hilarious. All that combined with the alleged ‘quote’ from Michelle about hoarding people’s stuff to sell just blew up all over the place, leading to our earlier report questioning what was going on.

So, well, Michelle may have been misquoted and that’s what really ramped up the accusations she was stealing, but it’s not hard to see how the assumptions she is taking people’s stuff came to be. Which has led to a slew of fans expressing their outrage on social media, and even writing to Executive Producers Allison Grodner and Chris Roach, CBS, host Julie Chen, Casting Director Robyn Kassting, and Fly on the Wall Entertainment, asking for Michelle to be removed from house, have her bags searched, issue apologies, etc., but who knows if they even read all that stuff.

It doesn’t help that Michelle admitted in a pre-season interview to using Big Brother as a vehicle for attention last year, as we detailed in our pre-season profile on her. There have also been reports on Twitter that Michelle sold an unauthorized Steve Moses t-shirt last year as well, but we have not been able to confirm that so far.


Whether she’s just trying to be funny, or there really is some kind of fire behind the smoke, it would probably be best if Meech just kept her hands off people’s stuff — including their names — in the future so she doesn’t end up getting a bad rep if she doesn’t deserve it.

One final update, just because we were so amused. As she was leaving the Big Brother 18 house on Thursday night after being evicted, Michelle Meyer grabbed Paul Abrahamian’s inflatable duck swimming duck ring (the basis for his The Sitting Ducks alliance name with Victor) and stomped out of the house with it! But no, she did not keep it to sell on eBay, she just threw it toward the audience before sitting down for her exit interview with Julie Chen.

That’s just throwing lighter fluid on the fire, Meech.

* With source material and writing by contributor Samantha Davis.

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