Big Brother 18 Power Rankings Week 10: Will the Mighty Soon Fall?

Our Big Brother Power Rankings are out for week 10 and we continue to see the names shifting up and down the list as the houseguests maneuver and manipulate their way to the finale.

Big Brother 2016-Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti
Big Brother 18’s Michelle Meyer and Natalie Negrotti (CBS)

While many fans think Paul Abrahamian is on his way to winning it all, or maybe two-time returnee Victor Arroyo will take the half million prize, it’s really still anyone’s game to win. Or, maybe better said, anyone’s game to lose.

1. Victor Arroyo – Victor went from evicted to the best player this week and was able to keep himself from being nominated. You think a guy who can win virtually any competition would be the top target right now. His social game right now is one of the best in the house and he is in a great position heading into next week.

2. Nicole Franzel – Nicole had played this entire week perfectly by keeping her word to James, and working with Paul and Victor. Michelle is her target this week and if she gets her out it’s a smart move. Michelle is the one player who would target Nicole if she won HOH. Nicole keeping the nominations the same is the
most important move this week.

3. Corey Brooks – Corey is in one of the best positions moving into next week. Getting out Michelle is good for his game because she’s targeting his closes ally in Nicole and she’ll try to get him out if Nicole is safe. But most importantly, Corey won the care package and can bribe a houseguest. If I was Corey, I’d bribe James into throwing HOH for 5,000.

4. Paul Abrahamian – Paul being a pawn is dangerous, but if it works out for him it’s impressive. Paul has put himself in a good position to win with his social game, but also winning POV when he needs to. I do think he could be in a little danger next week if the wrong person gets into power. But you have to think, Victor would be the number one target of James and Natalie.

5. Natalie Negrotti – Natalie is not going to go home if she’s sitting next to James, but if next to anyone else she’s at risk. She has a high chance of going home if James wins the power of veto because Corey, Nicole, Paul and Victor likely want to break up James and Natalie next week. I also believe everyone left in the house views her as an easy final two goat to beat.

6. James Huling – I see a lot of scenarios where James goes home next week and there’s no way he will survive over Natalie. James is viewed as more of a threat to win competitions, but also the game. For James, next week’s head of household is do or die for him because the boys see taking him out as a big move. It could also be jury points because a lot in the jury has been backstabbed by James.

7. Michelle Meyer – Michelle made so many mistakes last week, but the biggest one was not pushing for a Nicole backdoor. She did all James and Natalie’s dirty work, which backfired when Victor returned. She has no close allies to offer protection because James and Natalie will protect each other first. Michelle didn’t even campaign for Nicole to keep herself off the block, so it’s her time to go.

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