Big Brother After Dark Recap 7/2/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on Saturday night at 9:00pm PT (12:00am ET) and at this point in time, the Power of Veto competition was played and we have a winner.  While there was not a lot of talk regarding the fate surrounding this week’s veto, there were a lot of strategic conversations going on.  Most of the times, it was just a few members from the majority alliance thinking that they have control over the majority.  The houseguests did also have a little bit of fun tonight.

bbad 7.2.2016

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While there was some fun to be had, let’s talk about some game talk first.  Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel and Zakiyah Everette were in the bathroom talking, and ended up on the topic of the trio known as the Spy Girls aka the Powerpuff Girls.  This all girls’ alliance consists of Bronte D’Acquisto, Natalie Negrotti and Bridgette Dunning.

Even though they think Bronte is the mastermind of the spy girls alliance (and definitely a target), the females in Fatal Five (Da’Vonne, Nicole, Zakiyah, Tiffany Rousso and Michelle Meyer) are worried that they have bigger fish to fry such as Frank Eudy.  He is part of the eight pack alliance which is the majority alliance of the house, but the fatal five is the majority alliance within the majority.

The females from the fatal five (excluding Tiffany and Michelle) continue talking, this time primarily about Tiffany.  They are worried that they need to be careful about what they say to Tiffany since they can tell that they have a pretty close bond.  The likely suspicion as to why is the sibling connection since this is when Da’Vonne noticed the close bond began.  The girls even talked about a possible final two deal between the two of them.  There is definitely some skepticism, though, since Nicole still feels Tiffany has their backs 100%, but once Paulie became Head of Household, she immediately noticed how much time Tiffany and Paulie were spending together.  Even though Paulie isn’t officially part of the eight pack alliance, it is more or less a nine person alliance and the girls are most concerned that Paulie would protect Tiffany over any of them.

Bronte and Bridgette are talking without their third alliance member, Natalie.  Bronte thinks that Natalie is putting a lot of faith into James and that he is trying to keep her safe, but not the rest of his team (more specifically, Bronte).  She feels that James will keep throwing team comps until she (Bronte) is evicted.  Bronte thinks that after Victor and her, Bridgette would be the next target.  The spy girls alliance definitely has some cracks in it, even if you don’t think meeting without one of the members is a negative thing.  There has been much further confusion since Bronte has heard different stories regarding who the target was; however, before nominations, Paulie did tell Bronte that he wanted to put two people up, take one off with the veto and backdoor Victor.  Instead of shocking her, Paulie let her know she would be going up since he didn’t have many to pick from out of those that voted to evict him.

In some good news for the spy girls, Natalie has a plan in order to try to recover from their poor decisions of sticking with the guys of the Revolution alliance.  She says she needs all of the girls in the house to come together; however this is a tall order since she doesn’t think Zakiyah will go against Paulie nor will Nicole go against Corey Brooks.  The latter might be a doable “break-up” since Nicole told Natalie she would like a female to win too, but after all, Big Brother is all about lying.  To add fuel to the fire, Bridgette doesn’t trust the girls from Team Big Sister (Da’Vonne and Zakiyah).  This may be residual anger for them not voting to evict Paulie during the first live eviction.

James Huling and Frank discuss strategy and future plans in the pantry.  Tiffany and the emotional roller coaster she is taking everyone on is brought up and James assures Frank that he calmed her down and insisted upon her that she needs to trust them (the eight pack plus Paulie). 

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