Big Brother 18: How Will the Season Last 99 Days?

From the very beginning, we were told there would only be 12 houseguests (16, if you count returning players), but considering it agreed with recent years, there weren’t many red flags.  However, some things have come to light.  First of all, we learned on the CBS Television show last Thursday that there would be a pretty major twist.

Big Brother 18

The first five players to get evicted will battle one-on-one until a player is undefeated and no one else has to play.  This definitely favors the player who goes out later than the others.  This new twist was known as Battle Back and is a spinoff to Survivor’s Redemption Island.

Considering they evicted someone from the first set of competitions, before they had a chance to play the non-comp version of Big Brother, it was questionable from the get-go as to how they would last 99 days.  This is the longest season of Big Brother ever, even beating Big Brother 17.  If you are essentially starting with 15 players, it can cause anyone to be curious as to how they will fill the time.  I mean, it’s the longest season ever with less houseguests.

Being the nerd that I am, I started playing with my spreadsheet and did certain calculations to see how many houseguests would be left at any given point based on the twists we know for sure.  I accounted for our first two evictions and having a returning houseguest (meaning one who was evicted and was able to return).  At this point, I was two houseguests short in my final results.  Going into the final competitions, you must have three houseguests and with the items I accounted for, I was down to only one houseguest.

reset button

Source: Big Brother Network

Here are my predictions, solutions or anything you want to call them.  I believe both need to happen since we someone will need to get two more houseguests into the game in order to make a final three.

  • While we know there is a pre-jury “buyback”, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they also did a “buyback” from jury members
  • I expect the Big Brother rewind button might make a comeback which re-sets the game for a week and eliminates the eviction for that week

My calculations aren’t meant to be scientific and this is just speculation, but I would suspect at least one of the above two suggestions will occur, in some form or another.  They could do something else for the rewind button which is well known for being a part of Big Brother 16.

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