Who Won Power of Veto On Celebrity Big Brother Week 4? 02/23/18

Every Big Brother double eviction, the Power of Veto ceremony plays a huge part in determining the fate of the current target. From clown shoes to maneuver balls down a maze, Power of Veto competition cause the most anxiety during a double eviction. We expect a similar level of panic on the Celebrity Big Brother double eviction.

The Celebrity Big Brother players have played this entire season on speed-mode. It’s created interesting gameplay, and some blindsides and almost ones. So the Celebrity Big Brother player who wins the POV could create a moment that goes down in Big Brother history.

So who won this huge Power of Veto competition? Read below to find out.



For the Power of Veto Competition, the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests needed to run to different rooms looking at paintings. They needed to find one that wasn’t an exact match to the ones they were first shown. The first player to buzz in with the correct number painting won POV. If you buzzed in with the wrong one, you were out.

Ross Mathews buzzed in first and won POV. He will use it to save himself.

Omarosa nominates James Maslow as a replacement nominee. Either James or Marissa Jaret Winokur or will go home tonight.

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