Did Big Brother 20’s New Monetary Bonuses Bring Us Better Gamers?

The Big Brother 20 houseguests have been fighting a lot harder than the last couple seasons of players. Not only did many of this year’s players provide us with ample entertainment, but they were very hungry and thirsty for the win. Level 6 played the better game, but the Hive was also not there just to play summer camp or make jury. Both sides wanted the win; one side just knew how to get it better.

Big Brother 20 The Final Five

It was refreshing to not hear constant talks of just making the jury. One of the many reasons houseguests often frustrate us is their lack of motivation to win $500,000. They’re all about being a good teammate or trying to help another player win the game. This season we didn’t have any of that nonsense.

More money, or at least the promise of it, was one of the major reasons behind this dedication to a Big Brother win. The Big Brother 20 houseguests often spoke of a slight change in the prize money. For the first time ever, the fifth, fourth, and third place finishers received a bonus along with their stipends. The fifth place finisher would get an extra $5,000 (this goes to Sam Bledsoe), the fourth place finisher would get an extra $7,500 (this goes to Angela Rummans), and the third place finisher would get an extra $10,000 (this will probably go to JC Mounduix).

Those bonuses are definitely not chump change, so they’re not as exciting as a $50,000 or $500,000 check, but that’s more than enough money to keep people motivated to place in the top five players. Hopefully Big Brother keeps this monetary incentive going forward. We want them clawing their way to the top to get whatever additional money offered.

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