Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 97 Highlights: JC Remains in the Dark About Level 6

We had another downtime day. However, it’s the last chill and reminiscence day for the Big Brother 20 houseguests. Today, the final three will be focusing on packing, saying goodbye to their Big Brother journey, and goodbye to the Live Feeds for the fans. Honestly, at this point, we can’t wait.

Big Brother 20 Final Three

It’s been a long, slow drag to the end. Kaycee Clark, JC Mounduix, and Tyler Crispen spent most of the day remembering moments from the season and discussing their fellow houseguests, like they’ve been doing for the past few days. They also got to tie-dye some more shirts. A lot of the talk focused on finally ending this journey and returning to life on the outside.

At one point, Kaycee and Tyler briefly discussed feeling bad about cutting JC, but it was what they must do to get to the end together. JC was very worried about being cut. He told Tyler that he could definitely beat Kaycee in part three. He also asked Tyler to warn him if he planned to cut him.

He didn’t want to get a shock on finale night. He also promised to not be bitter because he understand it was a game. Tyler and JC also discussed the finale night format. JC believed that the third person evicted gets to go to the roundtable, and then come back on stage. Tyler told him that that wasn’t the case. JC still insisted that he would have a chance to campaign for Tyler to win if he was cut in third place.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

JC also talked about hoping he would win America’s Favorite Houseguests if he didn’t make the final two. This then led to a discussion about whether the first and second place winners could win America’s Favorite Houseguest.

We have one more full day of Big Brother 20 Live Feeds, then they go off until finale. Tyler and Kaycee still haven’t told JC about their final two deal and Level 6. They are waiting to tell him on Wednesday right before the finale, but Tyler should tell JC soon, because it could definitely alter how JC reacts to any new information that he learns on finale night. It’s better to tell him today to give him a day to process it. Otherwise, JC might be another vote Tyler loses.

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